Fallen Debris to Cleaning the Lawn Cleaning Hacks for Artificial Grass

Artificial or Synthetic grass has become popular interior decoration equipment since the past years. The chief reason for it’s popularity is “it gives your house a natural look without the need for maintenance and care like the natural garden grass”. You can also use this grass mat in your verandah, living room and even your bedroom. This grass comes in a variety of green shades as- Olive green, lime, dark green etc. Though artificial grass doesn’t require much maintenance taking proper care of this expensive investment will only increase its lifespan in your house. So below are a few things one should know prior buying artificial grass in Perth and if you have already bought one then you can also get enlightened on how to pay attention to it.

Removing fallen Debris

The artificial grass can become a house for some tiny, little living creatures which can reduce its lifespan and damage it. Your synthetic turf of grass is prone to organic growth as much as your natural lawn grass. To prevent this clean the synthetic grass at least once every month. You can also spray a weedicide (weed killer) after cleaning the grass and removing the debris to prevent artificial growth.

Brushing the Lawn

It will take the grass a couple of months before it finally settles down properly in the soil. So it is always advisable to brush your Perth artificial grass lawn lightly once or twice a month until it settles fully. Utilize a brush with soft bristles for this task as a brush with harsh bristles can wear out the grass blades.

Protecting the Artificial Lawn

It is necessary to look after your lawn from certain things. The major one is cover your grass while whitewashing the house as well as when cleaning your vehicle as the liquid may evaporate but it will leave behind a sticky contaminant that will adversely affect your lawn. If you own a pet then you might need to take special care of your lawn as your pet will unavoidably use the lawn is it for playing or maybe even for pooping. Although the good news is artificial grasses are safe for pets as they do not catch flies and pests unlike that from traditional grass lawns. Also, the pet feces will not damage your lawn and can be cleaned easily. You can eliminate the feces and wash the lawn with detergent, boiling water and leave it to dry. Make sure that you discard the feces quickly because if they dry it may leave a stain which would be hard to remove.

Cleaning the Lawn

Artificial turf is stain resistant and hence easy to clean. You can easily get rid of most stains by simply washing the stained area with lukewarm water. If the stain remains then you can use a detergent or just mix equal quantities of vinegar and boiling water. A mixture of vinegar and water not only removes stains but also helps you get rid of bacteria.