Does revolution of Technology that makes us Alone?

With the passage of time or each passing year, things have become more friendly, but how can we say that all changed things or all new things are favouring us? Sometimes they can intercede in our comfort zone and making us not favourable anymore. Similarly, if we see the technology, what it is? How it affects our society and people? We will define technology as the way we put scientific or research-based information and knowledge to feasible grounds.

History of Technology

In the history of technology, we have its invention and innovation. All historians of the technology providing different backgrounds. It starts with the origination of life on earth and continues until we found contemporary technologies such as nuclear power and computer. The period of technology began with the invention of the wheel, which is a very common technology these days. Many things started after this, but technology came into existence in the 18th century when the scope and need of industries were less, and the tools and types of equipment invent. For trade purposes and development in businesses, the industrial revolution emphasised.

The broader means of communication, including telephone, telegraph and typewriter, came into use and existed in the 19th century. The most outstanding technology ended the distance with your loved ones by exchanging each other’s voices.

Then we will head towards the 20th and 21st-century inventions of technologies which has given an entirely different shape to the world.
It includes:

Radio, Nuclear power, Television, Internet, Laser, Wireless technology, Rocketry, Automobiles, Aeroplanes, Mobile phone and Medicines.

Revolution of Technology that makes us Alone

With all these technologies, including mobiles, the internet, computers and social media, above all, we have started living around all these. We are. We are disconnected from the relationships and the affairs happening around us.

Everyone has become self-obsessed, and some has become even narcissist due to this social media trend.

Nobody cares for another person, or nobody is any more concerned with people anymore. It is an era of fan following, putting stories of our daily life and seeking attention. Everyone deprived of honest and loyal relationships we all live in illusions, which negatively impacts us that we are the loneliest person in this period.

It has changed the trend of meet and greet and has restricted us on mobiles and Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The primary reason for feeling more isolated due to technology is we individually prefer to have interacted on voices rather than being interpersonally interacted. It is somehow addictive and causes extreme introverts. Even children are badly involved in this trap.

In a home where families live together, each individual faces loneliness because everyone is personally intricate and occupied. Children do not prefer to have time with their parents or family. They immerse in activities like games and seasons provided by technology and the internet.

Social media is one of the vast issues these days. Although it is beneficial more, it damages our generation by the fantastic race of status and fame. New applications are launching with each passing day and are disconnecting human interaction to a greater extent. We use to kill our time by moving from one app to another app. We are dependant on social media and the activities going on it. The technology of communication has reduced the face to face interactions and mentally healthy being. There are no more relations of real-life; only social media connections prefer.

Recent studies have revealed that people are feeling more alone than ever despite being in touch than ever.

Risks of Technology

  • Excessive behavioural changes and problems
  • Less time for positive activities
  • Also Causing obesity due to sedentary lifestyle
  • Changed sleep patterns
  • Constantly source of distraction for students
  • Leads towards health risks


As we have discussed above dinarrecaps regarding each aspect of technology and how it is making us alone we have come to know that it is causing distance between us and is affecting our health and temperament badly and making the higher ratio of loneliest people these days and how our generation is addicted to this we all are in the same trap. Only our willpower can eradicate this technology addiction from our lives as it is hazardous to health and human relation and interaction.