Surrogacy Laws in Nepal for Singles and Homosexual Couples

Surrogacy is a given gift to many people who want little foot to step in their home to bring joy and happiness permanently. This method is invented by humans called doctors who are admired like gods. There are few countries that where this surrogacy process is very expensive and may not be affordable for many couples. Such couples look outside the country to get affordable services in surrogacy. This surrogacy can be processed with intended parents being from other country and opting a surrogate mother from another country which is called as commercial surrogacy.

About Clinics In Nepal

Venus IVF is the best option available for the couple who are looking for kids to welcome into their home. It is situated in Kathmandu in the country Nepal. They provide with several treatments such as IVF procedure, Intra cyto sperm injection, oocyte donation, embryo donation, embryo transfer, IUI procedure, oocyte freezing, embryo freezing, TESA, Azoospermia, PCOS management, Fertility management, HSG and so on… Our services also include hiring surrogate by performing all the tests that are required to know whether a particular woman is suitable for this process, we provide all the information about surrogate mother, we conduct certain programs to educate couples in terms of how to select surrogate mother, detailed explanation of complete process including pros and cons will be given.

The surrogacy process is of two types such as Partial surrogacy and Full surrogacy. The classical way of surrogacy that takes sperm from the intended father and will be implanted into surrogate mother womb following the required process except for sex for fertilization is termed as partial surrogacy. If the embryo formed clinically is positioned in the surrogate mother’s womb, it is termed as full surrogacy. This embryo can be clinically formed by three methods such as:

  • By using both eggs and sperms from a donor.
  • From intended parents being the donors of egg and sperm.
  • Sperm is of intended father and an egg taken from a donor.

Yearly Changed laws in Nepal

By the year 2013 when Asian countries like India banned commercial surrogacy for singles and homosexual couples to avoid some issues that may arise in the future, by then Nepal has no laws on commercial surrogacy.

  • There is no intact structure to laws on surrogacy in Nepal like they are in the UK, US and so on which made easy for foreigners best option to plan for surrogacy in that country.
  • As there are no legal complications involved in this country Nepal, both the intended parents and surrogate have nothing to deal with legal issues that made easy for both the parties to carry on with process easily.
  • The cost to be spent on this whole process is also comparatively lower than the UK, US etc which attracted the needy to this country.
  • This surrogacy treatment can be carried on for married as well as people who are single and still wanted the baby.
  • The homosexual couples can also avail this method with no legal issues arising.
  • As the surrogacy laws are undefined which make this process very easy. Even though there are rules to follow in clinics to be followed by intended parents and surrogates.
  • The people going through surrogacy process also have other option available in Nepal that is they are free to choose egg donor or egg donation program as per their wish.

Brief about egg donor

  • There will a record maintained by the egg donors in Nepal clinics.
  • Intended parents have got the option to select the egg donor as per their requirements.
  • According to the cost and requirements the intended parents can choose the candidate for donating an egg.
  • Their profiles are shared to have a clear idea to intended parents or gay couples.

In 2014 Nepalese government gave the green signal for international surrogacy which includes services like being surrogate, donating sperms and eggs. This gave a chance to navigate for Indian mothers who accept to be a surrogate mother to Nepal.

This surrogacy has come to halt in the year 2015 when the supreme court of Nepal has banned surrogacy.

  • Initially, it stopped accepting new surrogacy contracts in the month of August which allowed the intended parents to take their born child with them if the contract is made before 25th of August 2015. This involves a lot of paper work and proofs that are to be submitted to Nepalese government and US Embassy in Kathmandu.
  • In the month of September this commercial surrogacy is officially banned by Supreme court this includes not issuing a birth certificate for the baby born to surrogate mother, not giving visa or exit permission to and from Nepal.

In 2016 Supreme court in Nepal declared the final decision and announced it in the month of December which states that only the married couple with Nepali citizenship facing infertility problem are eligible for this treatment and made it illegal for foreign couples, transgender, and single (both men or woman).

Venus IVF clinic delivers hygienic treatment by adding all the expertise gained with good success rate. Couple will undergo counseling sessions before actually going into the process and guide intended parents by letting them know different processes available, cost, and success rate.

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