How to take Care of your Baby’s Health During Winter?

Winter is here and so is the merriment of the festive season. Everyone is in high spirits with their hearts full of excitement and joy. The hot, humid climate has finally gone.

But what about those people who have become parents newly and feel worried about their babies. Winter is a hard time for such cute little angles as it not just comes with dropping temperatures but also brings with itself the danger of viruses.

If you too are a new parent and are quite tensed about how to take care of your baby’s health during winter, we suggest you take some time out of your busy schedule and read this article. Today, we are going to tell you some of the important points to keep in mind for a wonderful care of your tiny tot. Have a look!

Dressing but No Over Dressing

Yes, clothing your child with warm dresses is necessary. However, if you overdress the child, it can be quite uncomfortable and suffocating for him/her. Hence, it is better to use light but warm clothes and give the child some space for breathing.

A Good Massage

Though not a popular thing in the west, massage holds a significant place in traditional India as one of the best ways to keep babies strong and healthy. It is like a touch of love and care that helps the child grow positively. A good massage works wonders for premature babies by helping them gain weight and develop vital organs and brain.

Moreover, massaging also improve motor functions in babies. Now for the massage, it is important that you buy a good and trusted baby oil. Brands like Patanjali offer Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Massage Oil that moisturizes baby’s skin delicately and is best for a massage. Other than that, you can also buy Patanjali products like Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion and Patanjali Shishu Care Baby Cream from any online medical store like and rest assured for a timely delivery at home.

Nutritious Diets

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is a way to get all the nourishment to your baby. This will also help in boosting the immunity of your child, which in turn, will fight away the viruses and decrease the chances of any illness. You must also breastfeed your baby for a better immunity. If your child has a healthy diet, then only he/she will be able to stay hale and hearty in the cold winters too! Now go ahead and make a diet schedule for the charming little one.

Close Attention to Hygiene

Just as adequate clothing is necessary, hygiene is also very crucial for your child’s good health. Hence, take all the steps to ensure a clean and pure surrounding. Wash your hands regularly and prepare your baby meals with utmost care. Change the nappies regularly and clean the folds of your baby’s skin in the neck area that may get dirty due to the spit up milk.

If you cannot bath the baby, then make sure you give him/her a sponge bath. For a detailed advice, consider reading some baby care magazines. You can also ask your mother and get the chance to share happy memories of your childhood too!


Never forget this one. It is one of the most important things a child must have, and you must make sure that you do not miss any of the vaccinations. The vaccinations can protect your baby from viruses and bacteria.

To know more about the vaccinations and the month at which your child should get them, you can consult a doctor. However, after the consultation, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vaccinations are given on time.

Plenty of Rest for your Baby

Rest is the key to happiness not just for adults but babies too. If your baby has rested well, he/she will stay happy and jolly. Sleep and rest are essential for your baby’s proper growth. It stimulates a good brain development and decreases the chance of other health issues.

A child’s rest is also linked to the parent’s rest too. So, when the baby sleeps, you can also sneak a power nap and be ready for more baby care!

Keeping your baby safe from the harshness of winters may seem a tough job, but it’s not friends. Just take proper care of your child. Also, while thinking about the baby products, choose good brands and buy Patanjali products for a trusted and natural care. In case you have any issue, you can take a doctor’s advice. It will all be well.

Happy Winters!