Identify Fresh Ground Coffee beans from Instant Coffee

Ever since it’s origination in the 10th century in Ethiopia, coffee has made its mark over the world as one of the most favorite beverage. According to the survey on coffee consumption in UK done by Gimoka coffee UK, 70 million cups of coffee per day and the coffee market is continually blooming.

The rich aroma of coffee made from fresh Ground Coffee beans can make that sleepy morning frown vanish. The taste and aroma of a freshly roasted and ground coffee, enhances the coffee taste multifold and has an underlying earthly taste to it, that sets it apart. But with our busy lives, we need everything instant:i instant noodles, instant coffee etc. Think about it, no more tedious brewing and just a quick stir in hot water or milk, as per your liking. Instant coffee is a faster and easier way of rejuvenating all the senses before heading to work.

But how is the instant coffee any different from the fresh ground coffee. Let’s talk about the aspects that set these two apart:


As mentioned above, the origination of coffee consumption dates back to the 10th century Ethiopia, from where it traveled to Yemen, to South India, to Italy. The utilization of instant coffee was first ever recorded in World War II where instant coffee was included in the ratio of the deployed soldier.


Fresh coffee grounds are prepared from ripe coffee cherries, The skin and pulp of ripe coffee cherries are removed and then it is sun-dried. The dried coffee bean is then roasted in a roaster, and then it gets the characteristic color, fragrance and the mouthfeel taste. The coffee is kept still for some time to let the CO2 completely release from the roasted Coffee beans.

The process of making instant coffee starts after resting the coffee ground. The ground coffee undergoes an extraction process to be made into concentrated coffee. It is then dried and becomes a soluble granule which ground coffee, instant dissolve in hot water or milk.


Making instant coffee is time-efficient and straightforward. Instant coffee can be your savior when you are in a hurry to attend a meeting but also need a caffeine boost. While preparing coffee from ground beans, you are required to have full knowledge of which equipment to use, the right amount of beans, the proper brewing process, etc. Regardless of the type of coffee, you are preparing, the procedure for making coffee from grounds is time-consuming, but with an instant coffee, you get a cup of joe quickly and easily.


Since different processes are followed for making instant coffee and that from ground beans, the taste is going to be distinct. With a fresh batch of ground coffee, you can measure, grind, brew the coffee, the way you like. The flavour of the coffee thus produced, is enriched with essential oil with a strong earthy taste. You don’t get this rich experience of getting the right taste with customized measurements with instant coffee, with just adding powder and stirring it in hot water or milk. You get pre flavour variance with fresh coffee.

Now that you know the critical differences between instant coffee and ground coffee, it’s up to you to make a choice. You can either buy the instant coffee or fresh ground coffee from an e-commerce website wherein you also have the option of purchasing authentic Italian ground coffee, coffee pods, Nespresso compatible coffee, etc. at an affordable price.