Carbs or Protein intake tips for getting your Body ready to Start Ketosis

When our body falls short of the glucose required for energy production, it switches to fat burning, which causes the accumulation of ketones in our body. This whole process is known as ketosis and can be accelerated by following the simple tips listed down below.

1. Firstly, you need to diminish your carb intake. Thus, it is advisable to stay away from starchy foods such as rice, oatmeal, muffins, bread, quinoas, pasta, burgers, pizza, beans, potatoes and most fruits. Adhering to such a diet for long spans of time shall put your body in a state of ketosis. Eventually you can start monitoring things up close by adding back carbs to your diet slowly. The ultimate goal remains to adapt your body with the changed circumstance so that it doesn’t come to an abrupt halt by bringing along side-effects and forcing you to stop.

2. People often make the mistake of reducing their fat intake to painfully low levels while starting with a ketogenic diet. But a balanced diet suggests that fats should account for 60-75% of our calorie requirement. That does not necessarily mean that you shall start munching on salted cashews. There exists a large array of healthy fat options such as butter, olive oil, tallow, avocado oil and coconut oil for your consumption. Fat sourced from rich ingredients will keep you fuller for longer without increasing your waist measurement.

3. The practice of intermittent fasting combined with a ketogenic diet can hike up the level of ketosis in your body. Your insulin level shall drop when you starve thus helping in achieving the ketosis state quicker.

4. Unless you monitor your ketone levels, you cannot be assured of whether your body has entered into the state of ketosis or not. The traditional concept of one size fits all does not apply in case of ketosis. Just because your friend could enter into the same by limiting her carbohydrate intake to 75 grams per day, it does not necessarily mean that you can also do it by conforming to similar standards. The portable ketone stone monitor or blood ketone meter can be of considerable aid in such cases of monitoring metabolic ketone production.

5. Medium Chain Triglycerides can speed by the digestive process by skirting the gallbladder. People who practice fasting are found to incorporate MCT oil in their morning coffee, which has been popularized by the name of bulletproof coffee. This is a great way of boosting up your energy levels and keeping yourself satiated during the breakfast phase. In contrast to other forms of fats, MCTs are absorbed rapidly by our liver wherein they get converted into ketones for energy production. Compared to the classic ketogenic diets, MCTs do not cause any drastic reduction in carb intake making them optimal for administering amongst epileptic children. But for reaping optimum benefits from the same you need to use the mct oil prescribed by physicians available at

6. Protein intake needs to be moderated if you wish for ketosis to yield results immediately. Fats should ideally constitute of the lion’s share of your diet and protein content should be just what is necessary for maintaining your muscle mass.

After going through the above points, you can start with a ketogenic diet immediately for bringing along the health benefits you rightfully deserve.