Top Myths related to becoming an Insurance Agent busted

Insurance is a complicated business. You must have heard this a lot. More so the fact that becoming an insurance agent at a later stage in the career is a tough task. There are a lot of myths about how to become lic agent online that you can face.

The challenge is to get away from these myths and progress successfully on becoming an insurance agent. Let us check some of these common myths and find out ways to deal with them.

1. Candidates with an Insurance background can only Succeed

When it comes to becoming a LIC agent, the first myth that a person hears is that they have to possess some kind of background in insurance sales. The truth, however, is that a person needs to be a self-motivated, effective communicator and must possess an entrepreneurial skillset.

2. Insurance is more of a Desk Job

Another myth doing the rounds in the market is that insurance is more of a desk job. However, the truth is that a person needs to be motivated to interact with people, travel at short notice and should possess grassroots networking capabilities. The desk job part is limited to only doing the policy paperwork and helping the client get their insurance claims at maturity or in the time of need.

3. People usually buy Insurance Online

Many people prefer to buy insurance online and this has given rise to the myth people usually buy insurance online only. However, the truth is that the majority of people prefer to get in touch with an insurance agent as they believe that personal interaction with an insurance agent will give them a better overview of the market in comparison to looking for an online option to get an insurance policy.

4. Insurance agents have to work for long hours

Most people believe that insurance agents are expected to work for long hours as they have to meet targets. This, however, is not the case and insurance agents have the flexibility to choose their working hours depending upon the gains they wish to make from this sector.

5. Insurance agents have to quit their regular jobs

A top myth prevailing in the market is that anyone who wants to become an insurance agent has to quit their regular job in order to take up the work of an agent. However, the truth is far away from this fact and infact people become good insurance agents and take up most cases while being in their regular jobs only. They are able to convince their colleagues about taking an insurance policy from them and enable them to make a head start in their insurance career.

6. Once committed, an insurance agent is on their own

This is very far away from the truth and in fact the company, be it LIC or any other insurance agency makes a lot of effort for improving skills of the insurance agents. There are regular meeting, guidance sessions, and training in which these insurance agents can learn a lot and make financial gains through the business of insurance only. The companies also reward agents who surpass their target limits on a regular basis.

7. Insurance is limited to car and life Only

The ambit of the insurance sector is much beyond the car and life insurance. Anyone who wants to become an insurance agent has a lot of sectors to choose from in which they wish to specialize. Health, business, farm sector insurance are only a few insurance segments to name from.

8. It is too late for a Career Change

Many people believe that one can only become an insurance agent at a fairly early age and it is virtually impossible to switch on to becoming an insurance agent, late in the career. This is far from the truth and anyone can choose any phase of life to become an insurance agent for the fact that they only need to possess the minimum qualification of becoming an insurance agent.

9. Insurance is a boring sector

You should not worry on this aspect as a lot is happening in the insurance sector and if you dedicate yourself to insurance sector field, a world of opportunities open up on a regular basis for you to explore.

The insurance sector is undoubtedly a happening field and anyone who wants to make a career by investing in others happiness and well being should consider taking up this as a part-time or a full-time career option.