10 Must-Have Tips on How to Stay Healthy when you Work on a Computer all Day

More and more people spend most of the working day sitting at a computer desk.

This was before the Covid19 outbreak which forced many more workers to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Now you don’t even need to commute to your workplace. That’s why it’s more important to seriously think about what this does to your health.

When you’re stuck at your desk all day, your health is at risk. You need to follow our tips to stay healthy when you’re working on a computer all day.

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1. Don’t Strain Your Eyes

If you spend most of your day looking at screens, you might start to notice your eyes feel more strained.

We naturally blink around 20 times per minute. But, when you’re working on a computer all day you tend to blink much less frequently.

This can cause your eyes to strain. Yet, you could prevent eye strains by taking regular breaks throughout the day.

This could include taking a few moments to look out of the window or get up for a drink. That may even cause you to be more productive.

2. Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

Around one-third of Americans eat fast food every day.

If you’re constantly sitting at your desk, it can be tempting to order fast food or nibble at salty or sugary snacks.

You need to prevent yourself from eating food around your computer. If you don’t surround yourself with potato chips and chocolate bars, you won’t be so tempted.

Snacking on healthy snacks prevents you from getting hungry. This stops you from wanting to order food delivery.

Just keep a handful of nuts and a couple of pieces of fruit to reach for when you want a snack.

3. Stay Hydrated With Plenty of Water

About 80 percent of Americans don’t drink enough water. Therefore, many people suffer from dehydration.

If you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to develop various health problems, such as diabetes or cancer. Dehydration can also undermine your ability to manage your mental health problems and concentrate on your tasks.

How much water should you drink per day? You should be drinking about eight glasses of water if you can.

Don’t focus on drinking coffee and tea in the daytime. Make sure you’re drinking water as well.

4. Get Up for Yoga Breaks

More Americans than ever before are doing yoga.

Yoga isn’t exclusively for hippies anymore. The practice is a great way to stretch your muscles and improve your balance during breaks in your working day.

If you want to make sure you stay healthy when you’re working on your computer for most of the day, it’s a great idea to try yoga.
Just whip out your yoga mat and do a downward dog to get your blood flowing.

5. Keep Your Computer and Desk Clean

Apparently your computer keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. That’s disgusting!

But, it makes sense. You constantly touch your keyboard and spread bacteria around your workspace. That’s why it’s important to clean your space. Use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean the surfaces around your workspace.

Also, remember to regularly wash your hands after using your computer, especially before eating food.

6. Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

Do you wake up eager for your morning cup of coffee?

Throughout the day, when you’re working at your computer, it’s difficult to avoid constantly drinking cups of coffee.

One or two cups of coffee don’t do you any harm. However, if you find yourself drinking several cups per day, you should consider cutting down.

7. Go for a Lunchtime Walk

You might be tempted to eat your lunch while you continue to work on your computer.

Don’t spend your lunch hour going over documents or struggling to unpack RAR files. On that note, click on this link here to discover how to easily and quickly to open these files on a Mac.

You need to make the most of your lunch hour. Go to your local park or wander around the streets to get fresh air.

You might think that you need to do more intense exercise, but evidence shows walking can have just as much impact on your health.

8. Walking and Talking Meeting

Do you have a meeting over the phone? Are you talking with someone in person about a business matter?

You don’t need to sit down at your computer to have a video call. When you go for a walk for your meeting, everyone benefits by getting some exercise at the same time.

Walking has even been connected with more creativity. So, you can return to your computer after your walk with renewed motivation.

9. Avoid Screens Outside of Work Hours

When you finish your work for the day, you shouldn’t simply go from one screen to another. Many people spend the evening looking at the television or scrolling down on social media on your phone.

But, you need to explore ways to spend your free time that involve physical activity and no screens. You could pick up a new hobby or prepare a delicious and healthy meal instead.

10. Correct Your Computer Positioning

If you’re spending your days looking at a computer screen, ensure you have the positioning right.

You could develop back or neck pain if you’re not careful. That’s why the top of your computer screen needs to be located at your eye level.

You should also invest in a proper computer chair to prevent any damage to your posture.

Keep Healthy while working on a Computer

If you want to stay healthy while you’re working on a computer, you need to follow our must-know tips.

From eating healthy snacks throughout the day to getting up for a walk at lunchtime, there are a bunch of things you can do to stay healthy.

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