Homemade Frosted Coffee – A Superb Evening Drink During Summers

The summer season is at its peak, and people are forced to sit in air conditioned rooms in order to protect themselves from the searing heat. For many, the summer season is all about staying cool and hydrated because the sun can suck out the water and energy of the body.

Carbonated drinks, lemonades, juices, iced tea and cold coffee are some of the common drinks that people have during the summer season, but these have been consumed enough number of times.

It’s time to try something new, something that doesn’t just bring a sense of refreshment in the body, but also excites the taste buds. Today, we are going to share a fun and tasty summer treat that will help you stay cool and refreshed.

If you are fond of coffee and want to try a new coffee treat, then just keep reading this post as we are going to discuss ‘Homemade Frosted Coffee’. This amazing summer drink consists of vanilla iced coffee and sweet cream creamer, which gives it a rich and creamy taste. For the topping, you can use whipped cream, which in my opinion completes the drink. If you have a coffee maker at home to grind coffee beans, then that’s great. If not, then you can check out the best grind and brew coffee makers in here.

Simply put, you just need a heavy whipping cream, sweet cream creamer, and powdered sugar, and you get a whipped cream that can’t be beaten. You can make frosted coffee once you have whipped cream. This coffee drink is so great that you will keep making it on a regular basis. Let us now discuss the recipe in detail.

Name – Homemade Frosted Coffee
Preparation time – 10 minutes


For whipped cream:

  • 2 tablespoon powdered sugar.
  • 1-pint heavy whipping cream.
  • ½ cup Sweet Cream Creamer.

For the frosted Coffee:

  • 1 Cup vanilla iced Coffee.
  • 1 cup ice.
  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream.

How to prepare whipped cream and frosted ice cream?

1. In order to prepare whipped cream, you need to beat heavy whipping cream in a chilled bowl until you see soft peaks.

2. In the bowl, add sweet cream creamer and powdered sugar and beat the entire mixture until stiff peaks form.

For preparing Frosted Coffee

1. You need to blend vanilla ice cream, vanilla iced coffee, and ice together until the entire mixture gets smooth.

2. Once the mixture gets smooth, add whipped cream at the top and serve immediately.

As soon as you take a sip of this amazing summer drink, you are going to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Frosted coffee is a unique drink that is going to be liked by everybody, let it be kids or adults.

If you were just using coffee to make a cup of espresso, latte or cappuccino, then it’s time when you think about making something exotic with coffee. You will be surprised when you take a sip this homemade frosted coffee, as the richness and creaminess of this amazing homemade frosted coffee will make you feel refreshed.

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