Warning! Never Put These Things in your Blender

A blender can be an incredible kitchen asset, allowing you to blend everything from sauces to shakes to smoothies. In case you are health conscious and you love to experiment making different types of food for your family, then a blender is what you can use to have it all.

Though a blender and grinder can effortlessly mix various ingredients, there are quite a few food items that can be a blender disaster. So, to keep your blender work well, try to avoid the food items that we have listed below.

Extra-Hot Liquid

Preparing purees and soup is one of the best features of a blender, however, if that liquid is too hot then putting it in the blender can be enormously dangerous. Blending an extra-hot liquid can produce steam inside the blender that could lead to the lid blowing off and hot liquid exploding everywhere. Hence, do not use the hot liquid in the blender and rather let the liquid cool for a few minutes and fill up the blender no more than halfway. To prevent any accidents, hold the lid down tightly with a kitchen towel.

Mashed Potatoes

While nothing seems wrong with it, using a blender to make mashed potatoes will result in failure. Its blades will overwork the potatoes, causing them to withdraw too much starch. What you will be left with will be a gluey and gummy clutter instead of the fluffy side dish everyone loves. So instead of using a blender, try utilizing a traditional masher, ricer, or food mill for better results.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes or Dried Fruits

If you happen to have a standard blender, the tough and leathery texture of sun-dried tomatoes and dried fruit can easily stick to the blades of the blender and even ruin them. In case, your eally have to blend them, then soak them well in warm water before to make them soft and then blend them.

Coffee Beans

Theoretically, you can grind coffee beans in a blender. However, it can lead to uneven-sized granules, which has the tendency to affect the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, the beans can also wear down the blades of the machine. Investing in a coffee grinder for this purpose is the right thing to do.

Frozen Food Items

Frozen items like ice cubes and frozen fruits can be too hard to crush efficiently. Blending frozen fruits will make them remain in chunks, while also wearing down the blades under pressure. So, if you are trying to prepare a fruit smoothie in a blender, you should let frozen fruit soften for a few minutes before you toss them in the blender.

Whole Spices

The standard blades of a blender are not meant to be effective for grinding dry ingredients. Also, the height of a blender can cause the fine particles of whole spices to settle more slowly, leading to spices like black pepper to float up into the air.Hence, use the traditional methods to grind your spices and save the blender for other things.

Read it all? Then try not to repeat this mistake again. A blender is undoubtedly a great helping hand in the kitchen and when you invest in a turbo grinder and blender from brands like KENT then try your best to utilize its amazing features rather than damaging it. KENT Turbo Grinder and Blender with the heating function will help you make fresh food and beverage within minutes making you morning happy and healthy forever!