Testtutor or Test-guide 2 amazing Online GRE Resources

Just think about the financial expenses when it comes to the GRE – A Cost of 160 USD – 190 USD to initially take the exam, reading materials and workbooks, not to mention high caliber and quality GRE prep! The list is endless and can leave a significant dent in your bank account. When you sit down and tally it all up, it can equal quite a lot, depending on your skill level, test time frame, and score goals. Whatever happened to that old expression “the best things in life are free”? Wouldn’t it be nice if that applied to GRE prep so people don’t have to break the bank to get some extra practice? Well, look no further, as there are some amazing online GRE resources right at your fingertips at no additional cost. It’s always a great idea to practice GRE problems in the comfort of your own home or office, even making additional practice a big part of your daily routine. Who doesn’t love practice exercises and diagnostic mock exams? Taking the time to explore all that the Internet has to offer in terms of these bonuses is worth the time and effort.

Let’s take a look at some amazing online GRE options for continued study in an attempt to ramp up and enhance your study routine!


Testtutor.com/gre is an outstanding resource for GRE-related study materials. Their tutorials cover many test sections—fractions, logical reasoning, word problems and even algebra—and their Information Page provides many free links and useful downloads (PDFs, quizzes, et cetera). Testtutor even has a section where you can connect with a study partner, as well as buy and sell used GRE study guides. Whether you’re looking to make use of their overviews, which begins with antonyms and strategies for reading comprehension, this site offers a lot of helpful information and practice—all for free.

Manhattan Review GRE Prep

If you’re looking for 46 top-notch practice questions and a full-length GRE mock exam, then Manhattan Review is the pick for you. Thankfully, Manhattan Review is one of the globe’s foremost test prep leaders, providing quality test prep since its early beginnings in 1999. Manhattan Review offers advanced GRE practice materials for the advanced GRE student. Whether it’s explanations of specific question types such as sentence equivalence or mathematical solutions to quantitative reasoning, the quality materials you’re seeking are most certainly found here.

Fortunately, their practice questions are in three different categories: Medium, Challenging, and Hard—allowing you to gauge your test-taking ability by level. Their diagnostic mock exam is a great resource for you to find our your current GRE score today, so you can plan the duration of your course of study based around your needs. What more can you ask for? If you want the best, you have to go to the best and Manhattan Review is the cream of the crop when it comes to GRE prep.


This site provides a multitude of practice exercises for the GRE, categorized by section and question type. There are various individual mini tests on Quantitative Comparison as well as Numeric Entry. Furthermore, Test-guide.com is also a provider of free GRE practice exams, many of which are from former Official Guides. Some of their mock tests also come with explanations, whereas others don’t, depending on your selection. Additionally, they publish a comprehensive 100-page Math Review in PDF form, as well as various GRE vocabulary-building free e-books. Not only can these free resources provide test content insight, but also help you improve your pace and become more comfortable with the overall test format.

As you can see, there’s a multitude of resources to choose from when it comes to practice drills, sample problems, and even mock GRE exams. Adding variety to your curriculum with these outside supplemental materials adds some “spice” to what can be a challenging uphill climb. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh perspective to a GRE section with which you’ve had some hurdles? Painting question types, solutions to problems, and even the testing experience as a whole in a new light is vital for test prep endurance. Free supplemental materials like these allow for a continued rigorous pace and new, fresh test content insight.

Of course, even though free resources are very valuable, there still is nothing quite like all that you can learn and assimilate in a GRE class. Thankfully, Manhattan Review is the world’s leading provider of high quality GRE preparation, including a variety of flexible and versatile learning formats for busy prospective students. You can enjoy studying GRE prep online or in-person, in a brick and mortar class or virtual one. Thankfully, these amazing online GRE free resources will supplement whatever course of study you choose. Here’s to a high score and fulfilling your dreams!