History of Coffee and Specific Types of Coffee Maker Machines

Have you ever wondered where coffee maker machines came from and how much they’ve changed ever since? Coffee makers are designed for brewing coffee and they come in different categories and brands which make it necessary for any buyer to read the coffee maker reviews and also look at different features before making a purchase. These coffee makers are designed for different brewing techniques and you should pick one that best suits your brew preference.

The first coffee brewing system was invented in 1710 in France and used the infusion method. Basically, this system involved putting ground coffee before submersing them in warm water. It would be left to infuse until the desired brew concentration is achieved. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, coffee grounds would be poured in a pan and boiled until the desired aroma was achieved.

During the 18th century, many inventions were made in France with the first advanced coffee brewing system being a coffee filter. The first brewing filter was made from disposable paper and this still exists to date. the filters are designed to trap ground coffee while allowing the liquid brew to go through. Surprisingly, the very first coffee filter was invented in Germany in 1908 by a housewife.

History of Specific Types of Coffee Maker Machines:

Espresso Makers

The initial espresso maker was produced in Turin Italy by Angelo Morindo. It was displayed in a general exposition in Turin in 1884 and patented in May 16th 1884. This coffee maker was designed to make instantaneous coffee but a lot of improvements have been made ever since. Some of the major improvements were done in 1901 by an Italian mechanic by the name LuifiBezzera.

Single-Serve Coffee Makers

This is one of the most popular appliances based on the thousands of coffee maker reviews. The single-serve coffee maker is designed for the exact amount of the beverage for one cup. The coffee maker allows the exact amount of water to go through the coffee pod thus giving you a cup of standard beverage. The cup is positioned under an outlet and the amazing thing is that this appliance can be used to brew different beverages.

French Presses

The first French Press coffee maker was invented in 1929 by Attilio Calimani. Nevertheless, various adjustments have been made ever since with the major ones coming from Faliero Bondanini who went ahead to patent the model of the coffee maker before pstarting to produce it in his French clarinet factory. Unlike drip machines, the French presses require coffee grounds which are a bit rough. When making coffee, coffee and water are put together and stirred before being left for a few minutes to brew. A plunger is then pressed to trap the grounds at the bottom to produce the finest coffee flavor.

Other coffee maker machines such as Percolators (1889) have also been manufactured. The modern coffee makers have a very advanced technology which makes brewing coffee easier and better. Coffee maker reviews will definitely show great developments which have taken place over time to give us the best quality coffee brews possible.