5 Cool Accessories you’ll want on your Camping Trip this Summer

Summer is nearly upon us and that means that the summer vacation will soon be here as well. For millions of American’s, it’ll be time to dust off the tent, unfold the sleeping bag and try and remember where you’ve put the stove as the camping season returns.

That brings us onto the big question – what accessories will you need in 2018? Every year a whole host of cool new accessories flood the market that are designed to make the time we spend out in the wilderness just a little more comfortable.

Here are 5 cool accessories you’ll want to take camping this year.

Portable Expresso Maker

83 percent of American’s drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Just because you are camping in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your daily caffeine fix thanks to the portable expresso maker. Some of them don’t even need compressed air, N20 cartridges or electricity thanks the advent of coffee makers that use a semi-automatic piston to brew rich, high quality coffee using nothing but water.

Portable bunk Beds

Gone are the days of sleeping with nothing but a sleeping bag and a roll mat between you and the hard ground. Portable bunkbeds are becoming all the rage due to their ease of set up, improved comfortability and the fact they took up less space in a tent – space is after all a rare commodity when it comes to camping.

Solar Shower Pack

One of the worst parts of camping is the freezing cold shower you often have to endure in a shower block that looks like something from a horror movie. If the thought of that fills you with dread, then get your hands on a solar shower pack. The power of the sun heats up the water which is contained within a PVC bag and it even has a convenient on/off valve connected to the shower head. Depending on the size of the solar shower pack you purchase, it can store enough water for multiple showers.

12v Refrigerator

If you are looking for somewhere to store juicy meats for cooking on the campfire or even more importantly, a device that will keep those precious beers cool for the duration of your camping trip, then lock no further than a 12v refrigerator. Here’s a guide to some of the best Camping Refrigerator on the market.

Pocket water Filter

There is no worse feeling than thirst when you are on a long hike through the woods and your water bottle is empty. That lake or river looks so inviting but you know that to drink from it with all the potential bacteria floating around would be a terrible idea. What you need then is a pocket water filter. These sturdy steel devices use a two-stage filtration process to remove that bacteria and any chlorine, protozoa and bad tastes from the water. You simply place the device in the water and suck through it like a straw for cool, refreshing and most importantly, safe water in a matter of minutes.