Aladdin Lamps to Kava Pots 6 things you need to buy from Dubai Tour

Dubai has the distinction of being a truly magical city, enthralling visitors and attracting avid shoppers from around the world. If you are an American fitting the latter category, you need a reliable courier service offering shipping from Dubai to USA. Such a courier ought to make the process of procuring goods in Dubai affordable and stress-free.

Before procuring shipping from Dubai to USA courier services though, identify the kinds of goods to buy. In this respect you have plenty of options, from fashion items to electronics and auto parts to delicacies. Let’s take a closer look at the category of goods you can buy from Dubai and ship to the USA.

Fairy Tale Aladdin Lamps

Did the tales of Arabian Nights, especially the magical adventures of the taciturn Aladdin, enthrall you as a child? If you answered “yes”, you will find these whimsically designed brass lamps worth every dime on the price tag. The lamps have such exquisite curvatures that the only element missing is a talking, wish-granting genie emerging from the spout.

Fairy tale Aladdin lamps are famous keepsakes for anyone looking to memorialize their visit to the Arabian Peninsula. You can buy these fairy tale lamps from several malls and in many of the city’s flea markets. To avoid ending up with cheap tin lamps with a faux brass finish, only buy Aladdin lamps from reputed dealers.

Dried Desert Dates

Dried desert dates are some of the most commonly available condiments on Middle Eastern street markets. The city of Dubai is one of the best sources for these tasty treats. As many consumers in the Western world discover the health benefits of desert dates, demand has increased measurably.

There are different varieties of Dubai desert dates including the sweet Sokaris and the more flavorful Madjools and Kholas. These dates have a reputation as instant energy boosters devoid of unhealthy, fattening sugars or carbohydrates. They are also full of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron.

Oriental Perfumes and Arabic Attar

The Middle East has a richly deserved reputation as a source of enchanting and even intoxication perfumes. Many brands of Oriental perfumes and scents are unique to the United Arab Emirates, especially in and around Dubai. If you can procure a regular supply of these scents, you can establish yourself as a proprietor in North America.

The Arabic attar occupies a special place when it comes to exotic and rare perfumes from the Middle East market. To get the oils and perfumes that make Arabian attar, perfumers use manual distillation under special temperature and pressure conditions. This method calls for special skills and requires plenty of time, which is why Arabian attar costs so much.

Persian Carpets and Rugs

If you are looking for exotic interior decor ideas, order a selection of Persian rugs and carpets from Dubai. They offer such an appeal because they give a classy aura to your house for relatively low prices. As with many similar household goods, it is important to buy from reputed resellers to avoid cheap imitations.

The mark of a genuine Persian rug or carpet is in the fine detailing of the hand-worked patterns. They are available in different sizes ranging from wall-to-wall indoor carpets to doormats and living room throw rugs. You will also be delighted to discover how easy they are to clean and that they do not lose color.

Arabic Hookah Pipes

For many people visiting the Middle East, the most evocative image of life in the region is someone smoking a hookah pipe. If you have bought Arabic outfits and household accessories, the hookah is the missing element to complete your Arabic transformation. You can find hookah pipes of various designs and capacities in many of Dubai’s malls and open-air markets.

Hookah pipes have gained a deserved reputation as uncommon gift ideas, especially for people with a sense of exotic lifestyles. You can find them in different design options and, if you like, request for customization to personalize your choice. Whether you need a special gift for a birthday or an anniversary, you cannot go too wrong with a hookah.

Kava Pots & Coffee Sets

The art of taking coffee is highly revered and well developed in Middle Eastern cities such as Dubai. With the right coffee set, you can declare your appreciation of the universal Arabian household welcome gesture: serving coffee. These sets include elegantly sculpted pots and cups with distinctive Middle Eastern art and detailing for effect.

The term “Kava” is the universal word for referencing coffee making and serving experience in the Middle East. If you appreciate the Kava experience, announce your good taste by adding a designer Arabian coffee set to your collection. For such delicate merchandise, you need a special shipping arrangement to avoid breakages or chipping.

The variety of goods and merchandise available for shoppers in Dubai is extensive. To be certain that your shipment will arrive safe and in time, you need to procure the services of a reliable courier.