Cancun Parks, Among the Top Attractive Places in Mexico

Mexico is a great country, safe enough and where it is very easy to travel. Cancun Parks, one of the most demanded tourist activities, keeps its #1 favorite holidays spot for thousands of tourists.

But some people might want to know more about Mexican beauty apart from Cancun Parks. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most beautiful cities of Mexico to visit without moderation.

Mexico City one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico

It’s impossible not to start with the capital of the country. A megalopolis of almost ten million inhabitants. In Mexico, the highlight is the cathedral of the city, it is also one of the largest cathedrals in Latin America.

Then there is Zocalo, a must-see place that is none other than the largest square in Latin America.

But it is impossible to leave Mexico without visiting the Temple Mayor. This place was the main temple of the Aztec Empire. Formerly the city was not called Mexico but Tenochtitlan.

Cancun Parks

The city of Cancun is often confused with the hotels built on the seaside. The city is located slightly behind and it is here that the Mexicans live, far from the tumult of the gigantic hotel complexes.

Cancun is also a colorful city bathed in a kind of carelessness mixed with the sweetness of life. We are here far from the clichés of Mexico conveyed by commercials and other Hollywood films.


Far from the excessiveness of its capital, Querétaro is a mainly student city where life is good. It was originally founded by Otomis Indians who were later subjugated by the Aztecs themselves colonized by the Spanish.

Puebla, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico

This beautiful Mexican city is a few hours drive in the southwest of Mexico City.

In the outskirts of Puebla, discover the village of San Pedro Cholula. Small streets with alcoves and colorful facades, garlands of paper, ladybugs, so typical of Mexico.

But beyond this authentic Mexico which immediately makes you fall in love, the attraction here is the pyramid of Cholula!

Izmal, a city repainted entirely in yellow and white

It was after the visit of Pope John Paul II that the municipality and the inhabitants of the city decided to repaint their city in the colors of the Vatican flag.

San Miguel de Allende

This charming Mexican city was built by Spanish settlers around the middle of the 16th century.


This city is absolutely essential. The archaeological area of Monte Alban or the temple of Santa Domingo de Guzman, the botanical garden of Oaxaca are captivating places that give the city all its splendor.

Mérida, the capital of Yucatan

First of all, there is a splendid cathedral in the center of the city, which overlooks the Independence Square. But the tourist interest of Merida is not just about its colonial heritage.

Merida is also and above all the heritage of the Mayans. Moreover a museum is dedicated to the Mayan culture just outside the city. Finally Mérida is also a beautiful culinary experience to discover the pre-Columbian spices.

To do and see in Merida and its surroundings

The Maya site of Dzibilchaltun is an archaeological site where we find some cenotes and especially a beautiful Mayan pyramid. This site is 17 kilometers north-east of the city of Merida.

To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city nothing better than to go on the Paseo de Montejo. The artery of the city where we find many restaurants but also hotels and nightclubs. Also on this boulevard is the Palais Canton which houses the regional museum of Anthropology.


This ancient Mayan city is one of the most important archaeological sites in Yucatan.

To discover a Mayan archaeological site in peace, go to Uxmal. The time of your visit of the remains of Uxmal, you will be able to imagine being the Mayan leader who has all power on this territory of Yucatan in Mexico!

It is barely two centuries since the first explorers discovered the Mayan remains in Mexico. It will take decades to begin to understand what pre-Columbian civilizations were. If the Mayans were great builders, passionate about science and especially astrology, they were also formidable warriors.

Uxmal has the peculiarity of having been built massively in the ninth century then to know from the end of the tenth century a certain disinterest, becoming a mere place of pilgrimage. The city of Uxmal has counted up to 20,000 inhabitants.

Despite the alliance of the Xiu people present in Uxmal with the Spanish Conquistadors, the site was abandoned in the fifteenth century.

Tulum, the beautiful Mayan city and its beaches

The beach in Tulum one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico

This city is famous for its Maya city bordered by one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Caribbean Sea.