Either 3 Column layouts or Hero blocks Cutting Edge of Web Design

With consistent progress in the field of web design, it has become crucial to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. It is not uncommon for novices feel a little over-awed by the plethora of techniques and frameworks available these days. Now the question is whether web design these days have got too formulaic or cutting edge?

Many of the present age founders in the industry, including Jeffrey Zeldman and Andy Clarke have questioned about the complexity of the process. Most of the experts and those associated with top rated Cutting Edge website design & development company feel that today’s web design is losing its soul. It has become fully reliant on a standard output, wherein a designer plays around the following elements and the like:

  • Three-column layouts
  • Hero blocks

Experts feel that designers become enslaved to the tools and frameworks available to them. Today, the process is more than just HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript here and there. Designers and developers have to play around with JS frameworks, CSS preprocessors and varied other components. A huge number of novel elements have also been added to website designing projects such as CDN delivery, SMO, optimization, SEO, and many more.

The unending desire to explore and use new techniques may spoil things. It can make it difficult to live up to client expectations. Most experts advocate following best practices and cutting-edge techniques. The web industry is not old and people are still defining the standards of the industry.

Not using the latest technologies in everyday web designing and other projects can make it difficult for you to survive. New passionate designers who can push the bleeding edge are needed to ensure the best trends of the industry get adopted fast.

For establishing long, productive relationships with clients, it is crucial to do the right thing the right way yet being open to new challenges. When you change how you build websites, it means you need to readjust and remember more skills.

Before adopting a new trend or plugin, it is important that you think about the durability of plugin/library/software. This is important because if it doesn’t stand the test of time or ends up failing or losing support owing to a later development, then you may be responsible for the downfall of client websites.

As far as website layouts go, designers and developers prefer Flex and CSS Grids. CSS Grid can revolutionize the way you will lay websites out in the future. Presently, it is hidden in the latest browsers. You can access it by enabling experimental features on famous browsers such as Chrome.

Flexbox on live work can do justice to your website development project. Apart from the new ones, it is important to embrace the old browsers. This helps in big companies where latest browsers are not used.

At the end of the day, it is crucial to understand the expectations of clients before planning a website. Web designers should aim at producing great, forward-thinking projects. Although it is crucial to being open to new techniques, one should be choosing these widely and pick these at the right time and use it the best way possible. It is a tricky act of balancing that comes with experience.