Explore Mountains with Bike and Nightlife during you visit Coorg

Do you wish to travel to foreign destinations? What if we told you you could enjoy the same whilst being in India. Wondering how? Let’s take you on a trip to the Scotland of India, Coorg.

Why visit Coorg?

With its majestic hills and lavish tea gardens, scenic water flows and ravishing weather, you can’t even realize that this beauty actually is based in the Indian subcontinent. Also named as the ‘Scotland’ of India, this iconic place has received much love and attention from Indian tourists, especially trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. So if you are one of them, you can’t afford to miss this.

The landscape and atmosphere at Coorg have earned it the title of ‘Kashmir of South’ too, and there’s no debate on that connotation. You can book a cab from Bangalore using a reliable cab service app and a scenic road trip to Coorg.

Awesome things to do in Coorg

Dive into the Abbey Falls

Take a dive in the magical and chilled stream of Abbey falls and let your spine thrill. Water falls from the height of 70 feet and creates a heaven-like atmosphere around it. Besides this, a hanging bridge in front of the falls adds to the beauty of the scene exponentially.

Watching Elephants in their natural Habitat

The Dubare Elephant Sanctuary must be on your bucket list if you are an animal lover and visiting Coorg. Have a privilege to ride on the backs of these huge animals and give them a bath in a river. You can come in close proximity with these elephants and cherish this magical experience for the rest of your life.

Explore Mountains with Bike

Biking is always on every adventure enthusiast’s bucket list. But what if it’s on the dreamy mountains amidst the grandeur of Coorg? If you are one of those bikers, then you are in for one hell of a ride.

Mesmerizing, isn’t it? If it does enthral you, then you must visit this amazing place known as Chevalra, which has a massive and exhilarating biking track to explore.

Trek your Heart Out

The Coorg landscape falls within the Western Ghats, which offers enormous opportunities for hiking and trekking through the lavish forest and coffee plantations. There are spots such as Brahmagiri and Kodachadri that never disappoint in getting one-to-one with nature and oneself.

Trekking at such places provides a different experience as you have to drive halfway through the route and then resume walking.

Explore Nightlife in Mountains

If you love adventures and thrills, you definitely shouldn’t miss this activity. The beauty and radiance of the Coorg city manifold multiple times at night. Especially under the full moon and starry sky, Coorg is just dreamy. And these dreamy nights are only for long walks and talks on the mountain tops with your loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Experience these fun-filled activities now. Book a cab from Bangalore to Coorg, grab your backpack and get lost in the meadows of Coorg, and rejuvenate in its natural beauty.