What makes Pune unusual yet Happening Holiday Spot?

Thinking of taking a unique, unusually charming and off-beat vacation anytime soon? Why not Pune? Yes, you may initially grimace at the thought of visiting a hectic and major Indian city on a vacation. What comes to your mind when you think of Pune? IT and financial services hub? Automobile manufacturing hotspot? One of India’s biggest employment hubs?A city offering access to Goa, Khandala, Mumbai and Lonavala?

Well, Pune is all that and so much more. In fact, Pune can rightly be called the cultural hub of Maharashtra. Look for hotels in Pune which are near to the airport or the centre of the city before planning your trip.

Here’s taking a look at what makes Pune a happening yet unique holiday spot:

It’s paradise for history and architecture lovers

Shanivar Vada is possibly the most famous landmark in Pune. The architectural magnificence of this palace will awe anyone instantly. With its imposing wooden pillars, exquisite lattice work and 5 gate-ways, this is the stuff that dreams are made of!

The Aga Khan Palace is another key landmark that will bowl you over with its architectural splendour. Built by Sultan Muhammed Shah in 1892, this palace has witnessed several chequered incidents in Indian history. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Mahatma National Memorial and its rare paintings and photographs.

For a touch of the kitsch, the quirky and truly exceptional, visit the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum which will delight history lovers. This museum offers 36 sections, packed with exquisite antiques, pottery, nut crackers, lamps, hookahs, musical instruments, miniatures, combs and what not! This is where the Maratha and Mughal periods harmonize beautifully, leaving you wonder struck to say the least!

If you crave relaxation, you’ll find it here

For those who desire leisurely vacations with ample relaxation and de-stressing (of course it’s very important), Pune is just the place to be! You can simply chill out at the Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park, exploring the legend of the man himself and taking in the sprawling 40 acres of the meditation and wellness resort. Between theatrical performances, events, massages and meditation sessions, you’ll have flown into another world altogether! This ashram is visited by tourists from more than 100 countries worldwide so you can expect some fulfilling cross-cultural exchanges too!

In the mood for peaceful contemplation? Why not combine it with a beautiful dose of natural beauty? Bund Garden is one of the best places to go on a walk, read a book, unwind and take a fun picnic with close ones. In fact, you can revisit your inner child and go boat riding or click a few migratory birds if you are lucky! There is of course the Pu La Garden which draws inspiration from the iconic Oakayama’s Kora ku-en Garden in Japan (talk about going global!). This garden offers you the best moodboard and visual landscape that you could ever hope for!

Forts and landscapes straight out of Jane Austen novels

Yes, you heard it right! Pune’s home to some of the most imposing forts amidst breathtaking vistas which are straight out of those favourite Austen novels you’ve read! The Sinhagad Fort is one such wonder atop a cliff on the Bhulaswar range, offering a fabulous view of the Sahyadris. The Lohagarh Fort will also take your breath away, looking out onto the expansive Pavana Reservoir. This is located 57 kilometres away from the city on the Pune-Lonavala Road. Photography enthusiasts will never have it as good!

Uniquely designed temples for some spiritual bliss

When visiting major temples in Pune, do not miss the Dagaduseth Halwai Ganpati Temple which offers a wonderful experience for devotees of Lord Ganesha. There are also four temples of Shiva, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Vishnu on Parvati Hill. You have to climb 108 steps to reach them and this should be an added incentive for adventure junkies.

Raise a toast in style!

Koregaon Park in Pune is where all the action is! Koregaon Park is home to countless lounges, pubs, bars, nightlife hotspots, restaurants and what not! From sampling global and local cuisines to raising a toast with friends and family, Koregaon Park offers you the chance to indulge in some chilling of the highest order! Top hotspots include the German Bakery and Sheesha Café along with ABC Farms.

P.S. – Those who love cakes and other bakery products, should not miss the chance to snap up delectable goodies on MG Road.