Oats, Blueberries, Walnuts, Avocados for your Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey has no formula but you can use various methods to achieve your goal. These methods vary per individual since what works best for you might not be as good for another person. Therefore, the formula to achieve your required weight is simple, all you need id to eat fewer calories in your diet than you burn. If you are choosing a method to help you burn excess calories or fats in your body, it should be an enjoyable one and that can be maintained over longer duration. Never deprive yourself of your favorite food to cut weight; often this approach is always short-lived. Weight Loss Journey is not about deprivation, you should rather choose am healthy diet that can help you burn the calories and enjoyable to manage.

According to Doctor, Pieter Cohen, medicine assistant professor at Harvard Medical School & General internist, Cambridge Health Alliance, when people make a commitment to change their lifestyle in regards to eating habit then probability of reducing your body weigh will be high due to the low calorie intake in your diets. Thoselittle habit like reducing sugar intake in your coffee, taking fruits and drinking water on a daily basis, these habits might not lead to immediate weight loss but they encourage a healthy and gradual weight loss. Sometime you just need those simple habits to help achieve the required weight loss and if you keep on with these habits, it will counter natural tendency of you gaining weight even as you age.

Henceforth a successful Weight Loss Journey generally involves reducing your calorie intake, increasing physical activity(ies) and lastly, making behavioral changes to enable you keep up with a diet as well as exercise regimen for a long term basis.

Here are the 5 Most Benefited Weight Loss Food Items to consider if you need to lose weight.

1. Sushi Food

If you are looking for one of the low-fat meal then try out Sushi food. Remember that not all Sushi foods are healthy that is contains less calories. Therefore, to maximize Sushi benefits, choose those pieces that are high in omega 3s. They contain unsaturated fats that increase brain power and protect the heart too. The healthiest sushi-rolls to consume are Salmon, Sashimi and Tuna.

The sushi rolls contain low calories as salmon contains 40 calorie per ounce while 42 tuna; it contains 42 calories per ounce. They are all rich in Omega-3s and protein; in addition, they contain vitamin D which is a key nutrient in weight/fat loss, especially belly fats. Generally Sashimi rolls contain only fish meat with no rice or any other ingredient in it.

To make a perfect sushi roll, you’ll have to have a good sushi or sashimi knife. They are all Japanese Sushi knives though the different between traditional Japanese Knives and western knives is the honed sides. Japanese Knives are one sided honed on the right side but for left handed individuals, a special order for left honed knives would be needed.

One benefit of having a single sided honing is that it allows you to create the sharpest-edge needed for your best sushi knife thus mush sharper that you could achieve with Western style knives which are honed on both sides equally. They are commonly known as double-edged knives. The design of the traditional single-edge knife helps achieve it sharpness since its creates a steeper angle on the blade edge front face than on its back side thus it creates a thinner cutting edge to cut the sushi ingredients.

There are major three steps involved in preparing sushi roll. They include; cutting fish. Cutting vegetable and in cutting the roll. What makes sushi knife unique is its multifunction; it is used in cutting during these three steps while sashimi knife is specifically made for cutting fish. Thoughit’s made of high-carbon steel, it can rust very easily but it can attain a much sharper edge than any other knife when it comes to sushi cuttings.

2. Oats

When you compare whole grains, Oats is the best since it highly helps in lowering cholesterol. Based on research studied on Oats, it has a feel-full fiber that can help you consume less food thus lose weight. According to one of the studies about Oat as a whole grain, it was found that by eating Oats, it will help you trim your waist as well as loss your body fats.

In addition, this whole grain is rich in zinc, copper and niacin and these helps in keeping a healthy skin. Oats has been used for centuaries as tropical treatment for rough, dry and itchy skin. One of the diets you can try is Cinnamon-raisin oatmeal cookies.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are highly rich in antioxidants than many any other food. It contains fiber that helps will help you feel full and this enables you to consume less food which will later lead to potential weight loss. In addition, according to a study conducted in Harvard University on more than 93,000 women. Each was given three servings of Strawberries and blueberries per week. It was found out that these fruits helped to reduce the risks of having a heart attack by 30 percent.

In addition, these fruits containantioxidants that help in preventing and slowing sun damage to your skin thus it helps you look younger. One of the Blueberry diets to try out is Blueberry banana-smoothie also known as batido.

4. Avocados

According to a research conducted in 2013 by the Hass Avocado Boards. More than 17,000 individuals participated and it was found that people who eat avocado weighed less, had less fat on their belly and showed reduced risks associated with metabolic syndrome compared to non-avocado eaters. Metabolic syndromes area group of symptoms associated with cause of diabetes as well as heart diseases.

Avocado contains vitamin C,E and K. they are both essential for skin health and the fats found in Avocado fruits may help reduce and prevent wrinkles while its other nutrients helps in reducing sun damage to your skin. One of the Avocado diets to try out is avocado Hummus.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts are known to be high in calories though they are rich in nutrients. They are highly rich in ALA that is the healthy omega-3 for heart found in plants. it is high in Walnuts compared to any plant food. In addition, they contain fiber and proteins which greatly help in loosing overall body weight.

According to a research done in Deaconess Medical Center, it was revealed that Walnuts could be used to cut off weight as it helps activate a part of your brain that helps in controlling cravings. This nut can also help you acquire a healthy and younger looking skin due to its antioxidants properties that helps slow aging as its vitamin E, selenium and zinc helps protect and nourish your lovely skin. One of the Walnuts diets you can try out is the Walnut Pesto, pasta with Parsley.


These 5 Most Benefited Weight Loss Food Items majorly contains Vitamins, nutrients and proteins that greatly help in losing weight and the overall body fats. They are rich in ingredients that help your body to shed off excess calories. Remember that to achieve your goal of losing excess fats in your body, it is essential to focus on your diet. Maintain a healthy diet and consistence exercises to enable you lose weight in an easier and manageable way. Try these 5 food items and see how amazing they work miracle in you.

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