Traveling with Teens – Tips and Advice for Stress free Journey

Traveling with teenagers can be stressful as compared to traveling with young children because they are happy to go anywhere. But teens are the most enthusiastic travelers and have their own interests. Many times their interests do not align with other family members. Probably when parents or other siblings want to visit a historical place the teen would likely rather swimming or sleep in. Such situation can create some stress when traveling with teens.

This is why traveling with teens is tricky and challenging. But you can spend an excellent vacation with teenagers if you plan well before setting foot on an airplane. Here are some useful tips and advice for stress free travel with teens and making good memories together.

Make Teens Part Of The Planning Process

Every teenager wants to be heard. So it is significant to involve them in the trip planning process. Research together and discuss the place, location, accommodation options, attractive places, things to do, cost, transportation and more. They likely to take part in such discussions and definitely give some incredible ideas or suggestions. It is also a great way to teach them the art of compromise. Include their interests or favorite destinations in the planning list. Additionally, include them in finding the best currency exchange rate and they will find it interesting and help you in this task.

Keep Them Busy

Include your kid’s or teens favorite activities and destinations in your planning list to keep them busy. Mostly, teens like the adventure sports, hiking, swimming and skiing. Do some homework together and find out the places or adventure sports you want to visit or your teen wants to try. If you’re planning to visit Australia with family then Jungle Zip-line in Efate, Holly Treetops in Tasmania, kayaking, paddle boating, sailing at Sydney’s beaches, skydiving at iFLYDownunder in Penrith are most popular sporting or adventure activities for all ages and skill levels.

Let Them Communicate With Their Friends

Teens like to remain in touch with their friends even when they are traveling overseas with family. Don’t force them or encourage them to leave their phones or devices. It is also a great way to keep them busy on the airplane or long bus rides. Let them to contact and communicate with their friends and they will be happy to tell their friends which place they are visiting and what they enjoyed most. International calls can be expensive so prefer WiFi or internet for this purpose.

Buy Tickets and Currency In Advance

Kids or teenagers don’t like to wait for long to buy tickets. So if you’re traveling in peak season then try to book or buy tickets in advance for the popular tourist destinations, festivals or for events. It is hectic to wait in line to purchase ticket or get the currency exchange. Make sure to have some local currency on hand because at popular tourist attractions the ATMs or exchange de bureaus may be rushy and often they charge a exchange high rate. So, try to find the best currency exchange in Melbourne or the country you’re traveling. It will save you time as well as money.