Our Advice to Live from your Passion for Travel through your Blog

Holiday travelling is fun, but if you have a passion for travel and the adventures that come with it, you need more than the occasional tours. The best part of it is that you can live from your passion for travel by creating a travel blog. Are you doubting it; still not convinced? Here is how you can make a living while you enjoy your tours.

Make Sponsored Articles

As your audience grows, you can attract a significant traffic flow to your blog. You can monetize such traffic by making it a gateway for other companies to reach out to a broader audience. You can either accept already crafted articles or offer to write it yourself in a manner that suits your blog’s tone. The most crucial part of sponsored article route is ensuring the content is valuable, and your audience can relate to it and what the business is offering.

Sponsored articles hold links that when your visitor clicks, it is directed to the advertiser’s site. It is good to put a disclaimer so that your audience understands that it is a paid content to build trust. Apart from earning from the sponsored articles, you also improve your blog’s SEO as every authoritative site that uses your blog improves your search engine ranking.

Sell Advertising Space

Among the easiest and lucrative ways of earning from your travel blog is by selling advertisement spots. You can offer text links directly to advertisers or banner space located within the blog, footer, or the sidebar following your preference, not forgetting pop-ups. As you start your journey, you may not command a significant following, meaning that you may not get many advertisers seeking your space. Do not let that deter you, go for an ad network and sign up, set your rates and watch as offers come in.

Make the Affiliation

Affiliate marketing is one of the most sort-out channels that any blogger cannot afford to ignore. From the massive commissions you get per sale to the ease of capturing potential users, there is no shortage of creative ways you can implement affiliate marketing in your travel blog. For instance, if you choose to partner with https://www.edreams-partners.com, you stand a chance to earn as high as $25 per sale generated from your blog.

It gets better; when you make the affiliation with eDreams, you get access to the promotional materials you need including promotions, banners, and text link or any other material you prefer. As you inspire your audience to travel to a certain destination, you not only offer tips to get the most out of their tour but also a gateway to capturing the best deals including booking a plane ticket and hotel with eDreams. Such extra effort earns you money and goes further to create trust and loyalty as your readers can count on you throughout their tour plans.

Like any other endeavor, there are challenges. All you need, however, is to provide relevant and valuable information that helps your readers. From there, be patient and persistent, in no time, you will be making more than you originally anticipated as you enjoy your passion for travel.