Interesting Story behind Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri History

Among Char Dham Lord Jagannath Puri Temple is one of the famous Place. Many visitors came from many Countries to visit this place. In Hindu society this is the largest temple. Read below to know the interesting Story behind Lord Jagannath Puri Temple. Even the god known as BADA THAKURA. The area infront of the temple called BADA DANDA. Jagannath Temple locates in Odisha, Puri. Puri is also known as SANKHA KHETRA. The most attractive place in Puri is the sea beach. Here the Sea is called MAHODADHI. Lord Jagannath is the alternative of Bhagwan VISHNU.

Three Gods are inside the Jagannath temple. Jagannath, Balabhadra & their Sister Subhadra. After main temple many other temples are there like Lakhmi Temple, Temple of Bhagawati, Temple of Ganesh, Temple of Matangi etc. In side the temple there is a DHARMA MANDAP. The temple has 4 entrances. The main entrance of the temple is called “SINGHDWAR”. Just after SINGHDWAR 22 stairs are there to go inside the temple. This stairs are known as “BAISHI PAHACHA”. Lord Jagannath famous as the god of Universe. The name Jagannath comes from 2 words “JAGAT” & “NATH”.

Story behind Lord Jagannath

In every year once Jagannath prefer to go his Aunty house (MAUSI GHAR) for 7 days. His Aunty is the Queen GUNDICHA. This Journey of Maha Prabhu is famous as “RATH YATRA”. In English this is called CAR Festival. In this time many visitors comes from many places to watch Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra in CAR. Nearly more then 10 lakhs people visit CAR Festival every year. It goes Live Telecast in many Channels.

About the History of lord Jagannath is in old age he is residing in the shape of NILA MADHAB. The king of Savar Viswavasu & his daughter Lalitha is taking care of NILA MADHAB in a hill station. When the king of Puri Indradyumna get informed about this god in a dream, he send many envoy to many corner for search the god. Among those envoy Vidyapati is able to locate the god NILA MADHAB. He married the daughter of Savar king Viswabasu. Once with his request lalitha take him to the hidden temple of NILA MADHAB. The time Vidyapati moved to the temple with lalitha, Lalitha closed his eyes with a black Cotton. But the dedication of Vidyapati to locate god is make him to put some mustard seeds on the way lalitha make him move. Date gone when rain came mustard seeds started to mustard plants. Once by not telling lalitha, Vidyapati go to the temple of NILA MADHAB & try to take the Lord. But NILA MADHAB tell Vidyapati that he will come as a shape of DARU. According to the Instructions Vidyapati back to puri & informed the king. In few days in puri beach they found a large wood pieces floating. This was called DARU. From this lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra created.


In Jagannath society there is a tradition called NAVAKALEVAR. In this for each 9 years the god change his body. The famous goddess BATA MANGALA who is in the entrance of puri, Helps BADA PANDA (the lead pujari of Jagannath temple) to locate the DARU. She comes in Dream to tell all where and how to get DARU. From this DARU new bodies comes with. They key point of Jagannath is NAVIPADMA. This contains the body part of lord Krishna. Its delight full & complete private to leading members of the temple.

Lord Jagannath Temple History

More about the Temple this is an area of 4 lakhs Square feet. The whole temple is surrounded by MEGHANAD PACHERI. The right most part is called ANADA BAZAR. Here you can get MAHA PRASAD. The Dry stage of MAHAPRASAD is called NIRMALYA. World believe it helps for MOKHASYA. In side the temple there is more then 20 to 30 temples are there. In whole puri nearly 120 temples are available. The front entrance is popular as MUKHASALA and the gates located here is called SINGHDWAR. The flag hosted on the apex of temple is famous as NILACHAKRA. Visitors believe by only watching this flag they have release from there bad karma. Among many other things Jagannath temple is having a NATAMADAP like a Auditorium room. Here many classical functions happens in a year. In every night to make sleep the lord Jagannath “DEV DASI” do dance. Its a royal fashion of Jagannath Society.

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