Popular Valleys and Beaches in Hawaii for an unforgettable Tour

Worried regarding which place to visit in Hawaii? Not being able to decide which island to visit in Hawaii and reside? Hawaii is a U.S. state, with isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific. It has renowned islands for their rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls and tropical foliage. It also has beaches with gold, red, black and even green sands, which is simply mesmerizing, and attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Kaanapali Beach

On the western coast of Maui lies the Kaanapali Beach. It is found just outside of the tourist hub known as Lahaina. Here the beach offers an outstanding walking experience just over two miles where one can take a stroll at the same time, admiring the views of the Pacific Ocean.

From Black Rock, it runs to Canoe Beach. In front of it, are several resorts as well as many excellent shops and restaurants. The gorgeous, white sand beach boasts a number of rock monuments are one of the top things to see in Hawaii. Many of them have their very own historical or religious significance to the native people. From these, the Black Rock, also called Pu`u Keka`a by the local men, serves as the center of attraction.

The Waikiki Beach

The Waikiki Beach is one of the world’s most famous and recognizable beaches in the world. Most of the outrigger boats operate from here and learn to surf. Owing to this, the area becomes very much crowded. However, it is not the only cause of traffic. Another reason is that the main section of Waikiki is in front of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Hence the area remains extremely overcrowded throughout the time.

Hanauma Bay

The Hanauma Bay is also one place where visitors love to visit. If you travel thirty minutes east of Waikiki, directed towards the east, then you will reach the place which you were waiting for, the Hanauma Bay.

This place is best to go snorkeling. This beautiful cove was not like this from the very beginning, as we all see it today. It was once a volcanic crater. However, today it is the home to clear blue waters and lively reefs of colorful fish.

Waipiʻo Valley

Full of hidden gems which are not accessible to the public Waipiʻo Valley is the home of Hawaii’s tallest waterfall. This place is also a private property. Thus one must book a tour beforehand so that later they can enjoy the trip and gain access to it all.

Other popular places

Kahanamoku Beach and Hilton Hawaiian Village are some other places that can also be visited and embraced because of their beauty. Hawaii has so many beautiful places inside, that if I start listing and describing them in words, then I don’t know when it will come to an end.


If you are thinking of visiting Hawaii and planning to execute it, then you are very close to giving yourself a break from your day to day schedule and enjoy a soothing experience. You can make yourself completely relaxed and stress-free and at the same time freshen up yourself.