Aquarius Woman Personality and Career Horoscope

Those who born between January 20th to February 18th are under Aquarius zodiac sign. The symbol of this sign is ripples of water. A woman born with this sign performs behavior similar to the ripples of water symbol. They are full of imagination and always able to result the unique creative work. As the water that could be changed easily, an Aquarian woman is also a highly unpredictable one. It is not easy to read what Aquarius woman’s way of thinking. To know more about Aquarius woman personality, these below are the description.

Aquarius Woman Personality

Free : Still relates to water, Aquarius woman has a high need of freedom. Feeling free is something makes them happy and excited. She loves the situation where they can easily come and go whenever they want.

Imaginative : As mentioned before, Aquarius woman is extremely an imaginative person. By this natural personality, she grows up as an intelligent woman. She has more interest to the unique things they may create but rarely done by the others.

Sociable : As the water characteristic to be flexible wherever they are, an Aquarius woman personality is also like that. She is able to socialize with many levels of people. This sociable trait makes her respectful of others especially when they are talking. She knows communication skill so much. That is why she is proper to be a good speaker and good listener at once.

Stubborn : Even though she could be a kind advisor for others, but she dislikes to be given advice especially when she doesn’t ask for it. She will ignore the people’s opinion or suggestion as long as she still believes in her deeds. She has high confidence of being herself and will not let the other meddle her choice. This is the salient stubborn side of Aquarius woman.

Independent : Not only smart and friendly, the Aquarius woman is also very independent. This personality makes her able to complete a task alone or overcome her problem by her own way.

Tolerant : Even if she is stubborn about the things relate to her life, she is really tolerant besides. She is unbiased and able to see the other viewpoints and appreciates them as the freedom of thought.

Compassionate : Aquarius born woman is compassionate too. She has concern to social problem. To contribute to society, she will take the responsibility with pleasure. One of her aims is to see the improvement in social life.

Careful : With her sociable and compassionate traits it is easy for Aquarius woman to win friends. She is able adapt to the new environment easily and become a popular person. But, in emotional commitment, she is so careful and weigh so many aspects.

Unpredictable : In many cases, an Aquarius woman becomes so unpredictable. For them who haven’t known this natural personality will confuse because she tends to be impractical. Need more stock of patience to understand her thought. But once you know her well, it will be more easy to maintain relationship with them.

Emotional : The woman born under Aquarius always determines a high quality both in relationship and work. She will easily feel disappointed by mistakes. Under standard performance is so annoying for her. And if someone breaks his/her promise, she will be so upset and hard to forgive.

Peaceful : One of the best points of Aquarius woman is her peaceful personality. In this matter, she can understand and respect the other thought and privacy and avoid to be interfered. This is her way to keep the peace. For her, to be tolerant each other is the only way to coexist peacefully.

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Aquarius woman possess both intelligence and good leadership capability. She will share their knowledge sincerely to educate people. This trait makes her team work always need and like her. In a firm, she is a very dependable worker. She loves to work in professional position, especially the job which place her in social field. For her, this kind of job is more valuable than materials.

Even though she needs money and comfort, she is not the one who will pursue them by ambitious way. She will always undertake her job whole-heartedly as long as they love the field. The job which will expand her potential is all she needs. Dedicating herself in this kind of job will make her able to reach a very high position. In working, her interest is more important than the number of financial gains.

She likes better a job that let them go around. Being a freelancer or working as representative who is delivered to other cities or countries attract her so much. She tend to be uncomfortable working behind the desk. As life is an adventure becomes their motto, she thinks working standby in an office is a boring job for them.

Aquarius woman is also born with good problem solving ability. Becoming a mediator of a company is a very suitable job for Aquarius woman who loves to work for other’s need and share her knowledge. By working as mediator or other similar job, she will use her natural potential and positive traits like communicative, care, and sincere.

Aquarius woman can also develop her career successfully in professions that need communication skill and intelligence like political activist. In this profession, she will also feel satisfied because her interest in social like civil and child rights and governmental problem will be realized in her actions.

With the idealism and creativity she has, she will perform a great work in education, travel, psychology, and social field. The types of profession that are right for Aquarius woman qualities are meteorologists, rocket scientists, environmental planners, conceptual artists, aid workers, astrologers, engineers, and social workers.

Tolerant and sociable personality she owns also suit in some special jobs like being a teacher and marketing officer. Working in those job, she will not face any difficulty to deliver her aim to other. Even, she may enjoy this both professions so much.

The Aquarius born woman can adapt to almost all type of personalities. This plus point makes them as a reliable person for public relations duties. She is also able to run her own business. She can explore her imagination and creativity in managing her business.