Effective Principles of Teaching – How to be a Good Teacher?

Getting a good Teacher is an Exception. To be a good Teacher it’s mandatory that you must be a good personality. Including honorable personality a good teacher required effective principles of Teaching. As you know independent of all religions Teachers are always honored. While parents brings us to the earth, A teacher is responsible to gives us the eyes of knowledge. In this regard there is Sanskrit Sloka in behalf to the prayer for Teachers.

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

It means your teachers are more than the Creators. Those who honor their teachers they always grow in their life. To be a good teacher there are various principles of teaching you needed to follow. Let us bring all those effective principles in below to develop Teachers society for our upcoming generation.

Establish 2 way Communication

In the profession of teaching good communication is a major subject of focus. If you are lacking good communication skill then it creates communication gap between you and your students. Which gives bad results in long term. As you know communication happens between sender and receiver. During you teach your students at that time you are the sender while your students are the receiver. Always during you teach your students try to establish 2 way communication. You must noticed those students ask question during your lecture they do better compare to others.

Deal friendly with your Students

It was noticed during student career many students having an inner fear to express them in front of others. In such case friendship helps. As a good teacher you need to know the problems of your students. If you are open to them then only they will share their problems to you or else they will keep it hide. Here of-course you can argue “punishment is a part of teaching”. Many students are their those required punishment to come up with solutions.

Yes as a responsible teacher you are free to punish your students at anytime but after punishment keep dealing friendly. So that your students can know that due to I non-completed my tasks I punished by the Sir but in total he is a good teacher. This impression brings more business to your profession. Rather doing advertisements it is much effective if a student suggest your name to an another student. Friendship with students generate good reputation.

Stay prepared before Lecture your Students

No matter if you are an experienced teacher but if you are new to teaching stay prepared before your lecture. In this generation students are enough cleaver. During coaching they can ask you any kind of possible questions. At that moment if you are incapable to clarify their queries it creates bad impression. Even after preparation many time it happens students can ask questions from out of syllabus. Here you have to handle them tactically.

Share Examples during Coaching

Example is an effective principles of teaching to quickly feed data in students memory. The cause during your lecture for complex areas present the theories with suitable examples. You must noticed during a complex chapter generally students feel bore. Here interesting examples are the best trick to bring their concentration back.

Create & Share quality materials to your Students

Don’t ever waste time to generate notes in class room. During a face to face with students try to present the subject in depth. Make their understanding clear. For referral purpose at the end of session share well printed materials. While generating materials for your students keep competitors in focus. This habit helps to improve quality. During material preparation research various authors and come up with unique quality materials. Good materials helps to secure better score in exam. Which directly helps to improve your popularity.

Conduct Exams regularly

To analyze how much your students developed from your session it is a best practice to conduct exams. Depending upon your sessions plan the duration of your internal exams. Internal exams helps to reduce students fear for main exam. There is an another benefit of internal exam is it creates pressure on students to share more time for study. Keep remember whether a student secured good or bad score share the report with their parents. This activity helps to keep you clean in front of parents.

Maintain healthy relationship with Parents

Yearly at least twice conduct some cultural programs. Which help to gain popularity and gives an opportunity to interact with parents. To be a good teacher maintain healthy relationship with all parents. Maintain a database to store student name & his or her parents details like name, contact number and residential address. If during a get together parents are inviting you to their home do visit them in your free time. During the discussion with parents share them your views about their child. If any where you feel that you required parents co-ordination to improve the student better share that with them.

Like cultural programs picnic party also gives freedom to meet parents. Once in a year do assemble picnic for students. Picnic helps to improve better collaboration with you & your students.

Reward good Students

Assume in your coaching center there are 30 students in batch 1. While sharing quarterly results reward good students. This practice generates competitive motivation among students for each other. Which results good for you and your tutorial.

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