Handmade Mangalsutra – A Option for every married Woman

In the Indian culture, mangalsutra holds an auspicious place among the different jewelry of the Hindu married women. The jewelry plays a significant role in the marital life as it symbolizes sacredness, trust, love, and happiness between couples. The importance of the mangalsutra remains the same, but the appearance has evolved with the time. The traditional look of the mangalsutra with two string black and gold beads has been customized by innovative ideas of the modern jewelry designers to complement the lifestyle of modern Indian women.

Various types of Mangalsutras

We have often seen the brides get confused at the time of selecting the desired mangalsutras for their wedding day since there are plenty of options available in the markets as well as at the online stores. Different types of mangalsutras have come up recently, but handmade mangalsutra is one of its kinds. Let’s see the different types of mangalsutras you can choose from.

Gold Mangalsutra – The women who always go for the traditional look may go for the handmade gold mangalsutras which are classy, classic and simple in appearance. The gold mangalsutras come in 20 to 22K gold, and the overall aura is enhanced by the black beaded chain and the enamel coated center.

Eclectic Mangalsutra in rose gold – the use of rose gold jewelry has become popular with the change of time. Women prefer the rose gold option for their earrings, bracelets and the neck pieces. The color looks classy on any skin tone. The designers launched the rose gold mangalsutras which is not shiny like the yellow gold, for the women who prefer to wear simple and elegant looking ornaments. The eclectic mangalsutra can be embedded with stones or the diamonds.

Gemstone Mangalsutra – Adding gems to the jewelry is not a modern phenomenon but an old trend. Different types of gems like- ruby, sapphire, pearl, and emerald can be placed at the center of the pendant of the mangalsutra to get a sophisticated look of all time. The gemstone mangalsutras will give you the royal feel if it is paired with gold.

Charm Mangalsutra – some women always think out of the box and become famous for setting new trends for them. Charm mangalsutras are one of them that have set new fashion statement for the married women. The inclusion of the charm in the neck piece not only adds the stylish look but can be easily worn with any types of garments.

Fancy cut diamond Mangalsutra – There is a saying- ‘diamonds are women’s best friend.’ Keeping in mind the view the designers have launched the diamond mangalsutras to satisfy the desire of every woman. The fancy cut of the diamond is not round, and it can be customized easily. The brides may also look for the black and gold beaded chain with the diamond pendant at the center. The touch of the diamond elevates the standard of any jewelry as it has done with the traditional mangalsutras.