Adding a Commercial Brewery to your Restaurant Business

The availability of alcohol has drawn a lot of attention over the years. This is because of its psychoactive effects especially when consumed in large amounts. Be that as it may, many places offer it to their customers. From our findings, restaurants that offer alcohol to their customers are likely to rack in more money than those who don’t. So, if you are into the restaurant business and hoping to rack in more money, you should consider selling alcohol as well.

You can even take it a step further by preparing your alcohol drinks yourself. This way, you get to add some things that would make your drink a delight to many and this will keep the customers coming.

This in turn will have positive effects in terms of revenues. Experience has shown how selling alcohol can be very profitable and so you should give serious thought to this.

Commercial Brewery

However, you need to understand certain things to make it work. The things that you need to know center on the needed equipment, concept, and several other things. This article will address some of the things that you need to know to make this idea work.

Come Up with a Detailed Plan

The decision to run a commercial brewery alongside your restaurant business is a good one. One of the reasons is because of how people crave specially prepared beers and alcohol drinks at large.

Many of the commercially produced ones do not satisfy some people, especially in terms of taste. So, you can make the most of this situation by coming up with one that is commercial but that would taste like the best craft beer.

To do this, you need to come up with a plan. This is especially because the project can be capital intensive even though it would be worth it. Doing this would help you understand the odds facing you and how to surmount them.

Coming up with a detailed business plan would also help sell your idea to investors. So, you should not make light of the need to have a detailed business plan. One of the things that this plan should pay attention to is your feasibility study.

Secure Funds

The decision to add a commercial brewery to your restaurant business comes at a financial cost. In light of this, there are several ways you can go about funding this project and they include the following:

Self-Funding – You can decide to fund the project all by yourself. But this can only happen if you have the means to do so. You would have to consider any of the subsequent options if you cannot.

Loans – There are several ways you can obtain a loan to kick off this project. As explained earlier on, a good business plan is needed to convince loan companies that issuing you the loan is worth it. Other than this, there are lots of loan types that you can take advantage of. It can be traditional, equipment, or small business loans.

Investors – Some odds come with taking out loans for this purpose. One of them is how interest rates can be detrimental to the eventual business success. So, you might want to consider other options. Involving investors is one of the alternatives that can be considered. For many people, it seems to be a better form of securing funding considering how the investors will become stakeholders as well. As a result, they would likely represent the business’s best interest as it is also in their best interest.

Crowdfunding – Fewer people take advantage of this option but the truth is that it has proven to be effective for some people. It works by sharing your business vision with people using a platform and they can support you through donations. Some people see this option as a modernized way of begging. Well, the truth is that it has worked for some.

What Do you need Funding for?

The funds are meant for several things. Some of these things include:

Getting Permits – There are regulatory bodies that exist to ensure that people in this industry operate according to standards. Well, there’s a lot more to this preceding statement as these permits have to be purchased. The truth is that this can be quite costly.

Equipment – You need the right kind of equipment to make your alcoholic beverages. Some of the equipment needed include brewing equipment; keg tapping, serving, and dispensing equipment; packaging and bottling supplies; refrigeration equipment; alcohol making accessories; keg storage; beer flavoring and ingredients; and beer glasses.

To run a successful commercial brewery regardless of the size of production, you need to get the right equipment. This is why you should understand how to go about this before buying the equipment. You can see for more on this subject.

Advertisement – People need to be aware of your products and your services as a restaurant as well. It is only then that they can begin to patronize you. For this reason, funding is needed for advertisement. Some of the advertisement options you can consider include radio commercials, TV commercials, online advertisements, billboard and signage, and print advertising. The whole point is to make sure people are aware that you are into this business.

Make Sure your Customers have Options

You should understand that there are various types of beer that your customers may be interested in. So, you should make sure you have options. This is so that people will find something that they like at your place. Some of the beer types that you should make available include:

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Malt – The rich amount of flavors used to prepare both alcoholic and non-alcoholic malts is one of the reasons people love them. This is also one of the reasons we advise that you have it available for those that want it.
It is also interesting that people who are not given to consuming alcohol can enjoy the non-alcoholic type. So, you are advised to have both.

Light – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what qualifies as light beer. However, the point is that the alcohol content is a lot less than several other beer kinds. It is advised that you have this type of alcohol considering how some people might want something that has very little alcohol content.

Roast – Some customers have a thing for this type because of the color. Other than the color, the flavors used in making it are rich. So, you should not deny your customers the pleasure of having it if they want it.

Hoppy – The flavor of this beer is not only rich but intense. Herbal, fruity, and pine are some of the common flavors used in making this beer. Some customers love it and so you are advised to make it one of the things available.

Tart – This type offers a taste that is close to acidic and that is sour. More often than not, the color is light. However, it is possible to have them in darker colors. The major thing that sets them apart from other types is their earthy taste.

You could also come across some that also have a fruity taste in addition to this earthy taste. There are other beer types other than the ones listed and explained here. For more on this subject, you can read this article.


Having a commercial brewery alongside a restaurant is a huge venture. You may just have to settle for a brewpub type of commercial brewery to aid your restaurant business. This article has shed light on how to go about this and we hope that you make informed decisions when the need arises.