What are the 6 Types of Audience trying to reach your Business?

Your target audience is the person or company who you are trying to reach through your marketing efforts. Knowing who this person/company is will allow you to gain their attention and get your message across. There are several ways to drive target audiences to your business. Some of the popular marketing tricks are Guest Posting, Link Sharing, Video Marketing or Social media marketing. Sales depends upon the type of audiences you hit. Here, sharing types of audience that you should know.

1. Friendly Audience

You may have come across this one before, but you should never ignore it. Your audience could be a friend, a family member or someone you’ve never met, but they have something that your customer wants. Be loyal to your audience and make them your customer.

If you need to get an answer on something, a customer’s friend is more likely to be the one to answer it because they are your friend, but you will have to make sure you are providing the best service possible to your customer.

2. Apathetic Audience

This audience is the one that will not be motivated enough to respond. This will, however, be the most profitable to you if you want to receive quality subscribers. To handle this kind of audiences you need to convince them much. To convert a Apathetic Audience to customer you need to do regular follow-up with them.

3. Experienced Audience

This is your audience. Most likely, this is the one that has been watching you for a while now. They are likely to be well-versed in your business. They are your loyal customers who value your business and share your content. These audiences will pay you more, but, first, you need to connect with them. It can be time-consuming but, once you do, you will find it easier and more profitable to use your free or paid ads to find this target audience.

These types of audiences will cost you more than others. However, you can consider it a small investment in the long run.

4. Uninformed Audience

This audience is typically generalist. They have an awareness of some aspect of the topic but probably not all of it. Sometimes, they may have a general familiarity with an industry that you are hoping to appeal to but don’t know all of its intricacies. They may also be well versed in the general reality of a certain industry but not its specific details.

They are just getting started in their research.

You may use them to inform your core audience, help your potential customers look into a potential product or service, or act as a secondary audience for a single product.

5. Hostile Audience

The Hostile Audience is a kind of audience that is averse to a particular product. For example, if your company offers speciality socks, you will need to market your company to someone who is truly interested in wearing socks. People who are not averse to socks can also take part in your contests or campaigns.

6. Opportunist Audience

The Opportunity Audience is concerned about acquiring something that will make them money. This person/company knows that they can receive this something or should they acquire it, this person/company knows that they will be able to benefit and eventually earn some money.


You can create and maintain an audience for your business online or offline. However, what makes marketing different is the value you can give to your audience through your ads or online promotions. Advertising is a strategy to acquire customers and sell products or services.