6 Things Marketers Can Learn from Food Delivery during COVID-19

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for on-demand delivery services. The demand for safety and strict government measures have forced many businesses such as travel, tourism, electronics, airlines, and many other industries to suffer from the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. But still, the food delivery has witnessed unprecedented growth during this tough time.

Lockdowns and strict social distancing norms have forced the customers to sit at their homes. This has restrained the customers from going to their favourite restaurant. Due to this, people have started diverting to the on-demand food delivery apps to fulfil their needs. So this is the best time for you to make an on-demand food delivery application for your business.

However, your task will not get finished by just making a food delivery app. You must have to make a clear marketing strategy if you want to shine out in the food delivery markets. Read on to check out the marketing strategies that food marketers can use amidst the COVID-19.

6 Clever Marketing Strategies for Food Marketers

On-demand food delivery apps have exploded in the past few years. Today, they are transforming the restaurant industry, widening customer markets and allowing the food businesses to explore new demographics. Their success lies in the brilliantly effective marketing strategies behind each app, that every business has to learn.

Here are the six marketing lessons that you can learn from the on-demand food delivery platforms irrespective of your business domain:

1. Create an On-demand Delivery App

Creation of an on-demand delivery app is the first step to start a delivery business. With a mobile app, you can grab the attractive market opportunities to boost your revenues. Also, the on-demand apps will allow the customers to get service without having to visit your website.

Nowadays, customers are seeing on-demand delivery apps as a substitute for comfort. Also, they are unable to go out of their homes due to lockdowns and safety regulations. So by making an on-demand food delivery app, you can enable your customers to get tasty food delivered on their doorsteps in just a few taps over their smartphones.

2. Harness the Power of Contents

A startup or small business needs to stand out in the markets in which there is a tough competition. That is why food delivery businesses are focusing on making an emerging content with which their customers would love to engage.

So if you are looking to create a better brand image then you should focus on increasing customer engagement. For this, you can use multiple social media tools such as Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. also, you can try video marketing to make your content more relevant, more attractive, and more vibrant.

3. Allow your users to Donate their Food

Healthcare workers on the front lines are working long, hard hours amid the pandemic and some were pulling extra shifts without even stopping to eat. That is why many restaurants have started donating meals to fed essential healthcare workers.

You can also consider doing the same with your on-demand food deliveries. Tell your customers to donate food for the social cause as a token of gratitude to the doctors, nurses, policemen and other people who are working constantly for their safety.

By donating food to the corona warriors, you are not only giving back to the society but also you can help your employees in the tough times by keeping them on the job.

4. Use Data for making better Business Strategies

Thanks to an on-demand food delivery solution, food delivery startups can now get a large chunk of data for improving their business performance. Using the analytics features, restaurants can get accurate information about their business such as the number of transactions, revenues, expenses, earnings of drivers, etc. Due to this, you can provide better services to your customers and can also create better customer engagement for your business.

Apart from this, you can also take help of your drivers to know more about the most effective delivery routes and also you can ask them about the time taken for their deliveries. So by using this information, you can efficiently streamline your business along with providing better services to your customers.

5. Send targeted Offers to your Customer

Now the on-demand food delivery platforms can use the geo-location marketing tools such as gro fencing, beacons, geolocation tracking, WiFi connectivity, etc. to access the location details of their customers. With these tools, food delivery platforms can create location-wise targeted promotional offers for their customers.

For example, food delivery startups can use geolocation tools for sending time-specific food offers to customers. Also, they can suggest nearby restaurants or food outlets to their customers based on their order history. Thus, by sending location-based target offers to the customers, you can save your customer’s time and also you can make them feel special by providing them with direct promotional offers and suggestions.

6. Share your Recipe

Try sharing your recipes with your customers. Show your customers how you make the lip-smacking food for them. Also, give them a virtual tour of your kitchen and restaurant so that they can know you better.

Along with this, you can consider hiring virtual chefs. Virtual chefs are cooking professionals who will cook your entire recipe by involving your customers in a live video chat. With this, you can easily build trust among your customers for your food delivery services by allowing them to make their favorite food on their own.


On-demand food delivery apps have become a highly successful marketing strategy. And it is surely going to develop even after the times of pandemic. By using the six strategies defined in this blog, marketers can easily improve their strategies to expand their operations. Along with this, you can increase your lead generation, help maximize customer retention, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

And for all this, you need to integrate an on-demand food delivery solution into your business. For making a profitable on-demand delivery solution for food delivery you can consult a software development company or you can take help of the remote developers.

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