Irrespective of the type of Camping 8 best Camping Food ideas

Camping Food ideas are one of the most important preparations of your camping irrespective of the type of camping. The recipes you choose for your trip must be healthy, delicious and most importantly it need to cook quick and easy. When the combination of all these needs some research. If you are done with basic preparations like a tent, sleeping bags, mattress, clothing and trying to figure out what type of foods can be carried and easily prepared in the campground, then here we are with the solution. The following recipes are easy to cook, delicious and of course health-friendly.

1. French Toasts

French toast will bring a smile in all of your camping mate’s face as it tastes yummy. For this, you can bring blend and frozen French toast egg mixture that remains fresh. Just pour the egg mixture, dip the bread and cook. Now, Serve them.

2. Pita Bread

Pita bread can be a smart choice for camping food idea. This bread remains fresh for a longer, hence perfect for your camping. Just toast them up and eat with your favorite spread like jam, hazelnut or peanut butter. To make

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the delicious and easy to prepare recipes for breakfast in your camping. You can it a whole, nutritious meal, add some slices of fruit or vegetable.

Prepare dry mix at home to bring along or opt for a ready-made packet pancake mix. Simply make a mixture adding some water and cook on a small fry pan. Then, serve with honey, jam or peanut butter- whatever you like. Add some fresh fruits to add a punch of nutrition.

4. Veggie Fried Rice

You might be surprised upon hearing the name of fried rice in a campground, but you will love this super easy fried rice recipe. Simply fry the rice with some chopped veggie (that remains fresh for longer like carrot and zucchini) and protein (that can easily be carried whether its canned tuna, salmon, eggs or beans). And stir gently. Your awesome veggie fried rice is ready!

5. Potatoes with a Twist

Potatoes are an integral part of a camping experience. Everyone has sweet memories of campfire potatoes. Sitting around the campfire, gossiping and waiting for the awesome smell of sweet potatoes. But, if you can give them a twist with some delicious ingredients like tuna, salsa, tomato or cheese!

It will give you whole nutrition with amazing taste.

6. Nachos

A nacho dish can be a great option to fill your hunger in really no time while camping. Three simple ingredients- corn chips, salsa, and cheese make this amazing dish. Take these three in a pan and simply cover them with foil and wait until the cheese melts. Then serve with avocado on the top.

7. Fruit Salad

If you have two or three types of fruits with you can have the amazing taste of fruit salad. Just cut out the fruits you have and serve with whipped crème or yoghurt if you have. A pinch of mint can enhance the taste and flavor.

8. Bar-b-Q

If you have no option other than campfire to cook, just bring skewers or a long stick covered with aluminum foil so that you can make bar-b-q out of anything – corn, meat, and banana or bread buns.

With these awesome real quick and appealing foods, you will sure to enjoy your camping with ease and relax, see more about outdoor ideas. Happy camping!

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