When buying Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers vs Liquid Handwashes

The pandemic outbreak has brought about a major transformation in the way we perceive health and hygiene. Hand Sanitizers became a household item together with face masks. Basic habits have become an important aspect in protecting ourselves and keeping a check on others too. While the market currently is flooded with multiple variants of hand sanitizers, it becomes challenging for one to understand which one to buy. Instead of just picking a brand or variant that others around you are using, it is better to look into the details and carefully select the one that works for you.

Here is a little hand sanitizer buying guide for you to pick the best hand sanitizers in India.

Why buy a Hand Sanitizer?

To begin with, hand sanitizers can highly reduce the microbes in your hands and can kill a few variants of germs – not all! Moreover, unlike handwashes which remove the gunk off the hands, leaving them clean, hand sanitizers only kill the germs on your hands and mostly the leftovers remain in your hands. However, when you are traveling or aren’t around facilities to wash your hands, a hand sanitizer comes as a handy tool for hygiene and germ-protection.

What to look for when buying a Hand Sanitizer?

When buying hand sanitizers, get past the fancy packaging and look into the ingredients, natural extracts, and WHO compliance to find the best hand sanitizer.

Alcohol Concentration – Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the most effective when eliminating germs and microbes. Any hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 65-95% is the most helpful.

Germs and Microbes it fights for – Most of the hand sanitizer brands list the efficacy of the product on the label and the germs it is effective on. It is best to search for the name of germs, viruses, or microbes you want to eliminate.

Natural Extracts – It is always good to use a hand sanitizer with nature-derived ingredients that keep the hands moisturized and healthy.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties – Hand sanitizers with antifungal and antibacterial properties are the best as they also prevent several fungus and bacteria.

Certification – As the pandemic began, almost every brand came up with its version of sanitizers for common use. But not all meet the requirements stated by the government and World Health Organization. As a result, not all hand sanitizers are effective in fighting against all viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. Look for the certification marks on the label of the product to find the one which complies with safety standards and WHO requirements to pick the best one for you.

Skin Friendly – As hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, they are good to kill germs but not so great for your skin. Therefore, a lot of hand sanitizers end up making your hands dry and itchy. Look for the skin-friendly quotient of the product to understand if the hand sanitizer will take care of your hand too.

Hand Sanitizers vs Liquid Handwashes

A liquid handwash is always a better option when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. It doesn’t just provide germ protection but also cleans the hands to leave them free from chemicals. On the other hand, hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol that quickly evaporates in the air and leaves the hand germ-free. But it doesn’t remove the dead germs from the hands. As a result, your hand may still contain dirt, dust, and gunk after using a hand sanitizer.

Safety is a personal quotient. It is always best to practice mindfulness and purchase the best product that serves its purpose!