Habits that can prevent you from Gas, Acidity & Constipation

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The habit to stay empty stomach generates Acidity. To digest foods our digestion system generates one kind of acid. By staying empty stomach this acid harms our gastric glands. Excess secretion of acids from our gastric glands causes Acidity. Acidity is an uncomfortable experience. Burning sensation in heart is a symptom of Acidity. To avoid you from Acidity problem give first priority to not stay empty stomach. If you are in such a place where you are not able to eat some thing. At least take a glass of water but don’t keep your stomach completely empty. Like this by updating few of our life style we can prevent us from Acidity problem. In this session let us share the effective tips to prevent you from Gas, Acidity & Constipation.

Chew well & Avoid spicy Foods

While you consume the food practice to chew well. Digestion starts from mouth. By chewing your foods properly your stomach will have more saliva. Saliva helps in easy digestion. Avoid masala & spicy foods. Drink sufficient water.

Keep Antacid with You

Keep antacid near you. Naturally acidity takes time to clear. If you found the problem take antacid immediately.

Generate more Saliva

Some times by looking into the taste we intake heavy foods. Chew chewing gum in this scenario. While chewing chewing gum more Saliva get in to the Stomach. Which helps in faster digestion.


To digest a heavy lunch or dinner lemon helps a grate. After heavy foods take one lemon. In a glass of water add some Salt & the Lemon juice. Drink this. It helps in better digestion.

pH Value

Bananas are rich with potassium which is an alkalizing mineral contains high pH value. More pH value means less chance of acidity. Bananas are like formidable antidote for acidity problem. Eat ripe bananas.

Cold Milk

Milk is rich with calcium that helps to prevent acid. Drink cold milk. Cold gives instant relief from burning sensation.

Cloves & Apple

Cloves are very effective to relief from acidity problem. Take an Apple & some 10 to 15 cloves. Pin the cloves around the Apple & keep it for 2 days. After 2 days eat these Cloves 2 times a day in empty Stomach.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds do wonderful job in the matter of acidity. Take 100 grams cumin seeds. Fry it well & grind this to the shape of powder. After your lunch & dinner take one spoon of this powder with a glass of water.

Harida, Amla & Bahada

Powder of Triphala (Harida, Amla & Bahada) is very useful to cure acidity. Everyday morning before your breakfast take one spoon of Triphala Powder with a little warm water.


Cinnamon helps to improve our digestive system. In a glass of water add one spoon Cinnamon powder. Boil this for 2 to 3 minutes. Drink this twice a Day.

Including the above tips always stay prepared to meet acidity problem. It can happen at any time. Keep antacid near you at your home & office. In party time control your-self to eat more masala based spicy foods. Drink cold drinks at the end of party. If you are social drinker don’t ever drink in empty stomach. While eating more protein rich foods take a glass of lemon juice. After meal betel leaves helps to improve digestion power. For a successful party time before leave for the day take a Sweet Betel.

Source of Image: http://www.today.com