Top 5 Autonomous MBA Colleges from Nagpur, Maharashtra

Maharashtra, a state in India, is known for having some of the finest MBA colleges, especially around Nagpur. There are autonomous colleges in Nagpur as well as private institutions. The youth of today are flocking towards a Master’s in Business Administration or an MBA in hopes of getting their dream job or starting it up for themselves. A lot of kids these days think abroad is the only place to get a good degree, but that’s not always the case. The main courses that one would study while doing an MBA are designed to show students the various areas of business like finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, and so on.

Students can continue learning the general aspects of business or opt for a more specific branch of study.

Parents spend a fortune on sending their kids to schools abroad, hoping that they will have a successful future. However, the tuition fees alone can shake a person off their center. The quality of education might be better, and the name of the institution will hold weightage, but with today’s budding market, grade A business schools have sprung in India, as well.

Here’s the list of the best MBA colleges in Nagpur:

1. G.H. Raisoni School of Business

G.H. Raisoni School of Business Management is Nagpur’s prestigious MBA institution that is located in a very scenic part of Nagpur. It was founded back in 2008, and today, it stands to be the 2nd best business school in the state. It has achieved high standards of education, using modern techniques of teaching. The college is autonomous and has received A+ accreditation by NAAC – The National Assessment and Accreditation Council. G.H. Raisoni has won multiple awards for its education standards, training methodologies, and placement opportunities. Most graduates get a placement offer on campus even before they graduate.


International Institute for Learning in Management Business School or IILMB is an autonomous college in Nagpur that is ranked number #1 in the state. Founded by the Rai family in 1992 as a philanthropic journey into education, IILMB has stood for nothing but the best quality of education since. The emphasis on industrial training, along with the right internship opportunities, allows the students to apply theoretical knowledge practically as they learn it. The placement record of IILMB is on a level above most other colleges in the state.

3. Central Institute of Business Management Research

Founded in 1994, the institution ranks third in this list. It was started as Vidya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal and boasts of their high standard facilities like student library, full-time Wi-Fi access, and reading rooms, amongst others. Being an autonomous college, the institution provides summer internships, research topics and assistance, and other aspects that train the student for the industry.

4. Institute of Business Studies

The Institute was started in 1984; the autonomous college to date is popular for their ideologies, especially of practical knowledge being as equally important as theoretical. The institute also holds a good quality of facilities for students and excellent education standards. The college also prides itself on having a near 100% placement record.

5. Octave Business School

This institution ranks 5th in the city of Nagpur and is an autonomous institute. Students at this college receive UGC approved MBA degrees, which is an autonomous course and a Post Graduate Program Degree, which is offered as a private degree. The college itself was founded by 8 BITS Pilani alumni, therefore, explains the high quality of education. Placement records in this institution are also pretty high, and internship opportunities are only one of the various facilities offered by Octave.

A lot of students hope to start something of their own so they might one day be their boss. With all the opportunity around and the market constantly on the rise, sending your kid to an autonomous MBA colleges can help them realize their dreams while also not placing a heavy burden of loans on your shoulders.