Success Tales for better Lifestyle with Golden Rules of Life

So you think you can’t achieve the impossible? A lot of people do. They have given up. But you haven’t, yet. As of now, you are ahead of them. Why do I think so? It’s because you came here. You have the thing that they don’t. You are following the first golden rule that they aren’t. You still have hope. Hope is going to take you far. Don’t ever give it up even when the roads seem too narrow to pass through. Now, since you are here, I feel that you are looking for help. I feel that you are stuck. You have started to doubt yourself. You are looking for a way out or in. Let me warn you. It could go either way. Ready? I think you are.

Moving on, I, myself have been in your situation. Fresh out of happening college life, I got a job that meant long hours, high-pressure deadlines and no play. My manager shouted at me every week. I was treated like a worthless piece of shit. I found myself over the edge. Surviving in the corporate world felt impossible to me. I forgot about achieving my dreams and was on the verge of quitting. I had no sense of belief in my skills and was about to quit. Then something helped me. One day, I told myself that I could do it. I had a good day after months. Next day, I told myself that I am the best. My day was even better. I followed this routine for weeks. Now, it’s been five years. I achieved what felt impossible. I, not only survived in the corporate world, I progressed at an exponential rate. This is the second thing you need. Remind yourself of your skills on a regular basis. The golden rules of life suggest that telling yourself that you can achieve your goal removes your mental block even if you are not there yet. But don’t get arrogant with your “I am the best” attitude. It’s a good self-motivator, but it’s important to stay grounded to achieve the impossible.

Next, you must have a plan. Now, that is the easy part. A plan is incomplete until you follow it. I have seen people join a gym and follow a diet for a month and then one day, they give up. They stop going to the gym, and all the “tasty” junk is back. Their favourite ice cream is back. The foodie in them is back. Don’t worry. This is okay. This will happen, especially if you are a foodie like me. The “not okay” part is to give up on your plan. If you have a lapse, don’t panic. Don’t let a small setback ruin your plan. Forget about the short term gains and focus on the long run. Go back to your plan. Remind yourself of the reason you started. Remind yourself of the one month that you executed the plan to perfection. These are the next two things that you need to have. One, staying focused on your plan. Two, reminding yourself of the reason you started it all. These two things are the golden rules of life that are bound to take you close to your goal.

Next, you must respect your body. You are not going to make the impossible possible in one day. It’s going to take time. Have patience. Push your limits but don’t overdo it. Dancers and athletes often get injured due to over-practice. It’s important to have a good sleep every day. It’s also important to have fun. All work and no play is going to make you dull. You must have a vacation once in a while. You must get in touch with your family and friends. Let them know that you are alive and well.

Next, you are going to meet competitors in your way. Don’t give up if somebody is ahead of you or better than you. Don’t sulk. Let them improve you. You are always going to learn more from the ones ahead of you instead of the ones behind you. Their path is different. Don’t let their journey screw yours. Instead, embrace them. Learn from them. They are the challenges that you need to succeed. Let them serve their purpose.

Now, you are on your road to achieving the impossible. Some people around you are going to pull you back. Stay calm. Ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction they want. Now, that is easier said than done, especially for sensitive people like me. Once in a while, you are going to get hurt by their comments. If this happens and you feel the anger, don’t hold back. Let it out. Go to your beast mode. It is important to let your doubters know that you can’t be bullied. You mean business, and if they cross the line, they will be crushed.

Finally, the last factor is luck. Luck is golden, but like gold, it goes up and down. Ride on your luck when you have to, but don’t rely on it. Trust your luck but don’t lose hope if your luck goes south. Remember, winners, make their luck. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, but he didn’t curse his luck. He came back strong, and the whole world knows what he did.