How does Edtech Increase the efficiency of Students as well as the Teachers?

Digital technology has taken the world by storm since the last decade. The education sector has not left untouched by it. Gone are the days when learning was a set of tedious and time-consuming efforts in the classrooms. Websites like TutorBin provide academic services from online expert tutors to homework help. Thus changing the traditional approach to tutoring.

Edtech like apps, media tools, and programs are helping students as well as teachers:

  • To make education accessible 24×7.
  • To assist in learning in many ways.
  • To increase teamwork among students.
  • In grading and assessing progress.

Education technology or Edtech is beneficial in improving educational quality. Also, 93% of teachers think that edtech is changing teaching for the better.

Let’s see how Edtech helps students as well as teachers.

How Does Edtech Help Students & Teachers?


The flow of technology has opened new directions for all ages of students. It has enhanced collaboration and participation in schools.

Let’s see the ways Edtech has changed learning for students:

1. Increase in Teamwork

Software like Learning games and online lessons are helping children in problem-solving. They are learning to act in a group as a team. Also, students can upload their homework and assignments to a cloud-based app. It makes the submission and getting feedback easier. Moreover, students can ask for online homework help for homework or projects. Websites like Tutorbin have become pioneers in helping students in such tasks. These sites also offers personalized tutoring as well.

2. 24/7 online available Learning

Edtech has enabled students to access education from anywhere anytime. Cloud-based apps and websites help students learn. And complete their work without any physical restrictions. Various digital platforms help students and expert tutors communicate online. Outside of their classrooms as well.

3. Not limited to the Classroom

Now students don’t have to rely on classrooms to finish their lessons. And use the home as a place to complete their projects. With Edtech students can watch online lessons and tutor themselves. That too with ease from anywhere. In the lockdown, all the schools have used technology to reach out to their students.

4. Individual-based learning

Edtech tools help tutors to create customized lesson plans. These plans are tailor-made for a student’s individual abilities.
This is helpful in accessing their strengths and weaknesses.

Video contents and analytics tools help students grasp and learn at their own pace. It inspires the tutors to craft attention-grabbing videos for students.

For Teachers

Helping students learn is the primary focus of Edtech. But teachers and tutors are enjoying the perks of Technology in education, too. It has lessened their burden and also helped them assess the students better than ever.

1. Grading with the help of Edtech

Many AI based tools are available that make grading students easy for teachers. These tools are useful in marking objective-based assignments, which saves time for teachers.

It also gives flexibility to work on other aspects of education.

2. Managing classes with Edtech

Teachers also have to manage classrooms along with teaching. Software and digital tools help teachers in managing the behaviour of students. For example, these apps remind parents about their children’s homework. As well as allow students to self-check the noise level in the classrooms. This help in making learning team efforts.

3. Green Education

Let’s face it. Academics use more paper than any other industry. Hence causing more harm to the ecosystem. Online submission of projects and assignments has reduced the need for paper. It saves the cost of printing too.

4. Assessment of personality in students

Sometimes it takes a while for teachers to assess the students’ personality traits. Now digital tools use real-time data to plan reports about a student’s abilities. This helps teachers to assess early on, of the strengths, weaknesses and learning disabilities. This can help in forming a plan for helping the special students.

So far we have seen how digital technology is helping not only students but teachers too. That is why Edtech is the future of education worldwide.