Diet Plan never to Follow

You might have seen people posting their conversion pictures with the before and after indicating how they have lost weight. And maybe you might have wanted to lose weight as well. Have you had a bad experience with dieting ending up with starving yourself but NOT losing weight? Well, we understand. And no, it is not the overall dieting scheme that is to be blamed. But it is probably your wrong dieting scheme or the wrong dieting tips that you have gotten unless there are some medical reasons. Once you go on a diet, you go on getting so many tips and advice which keep on pouring like water. But you don’t have to follow each and every one of those once you are sure that the diet plan you have schemed out is perfectly balanced in all aspects.

Well as has been mentioned above, the tips that people give do not come with money. However, it is always told to listen to these tips with one ear and let them out with the other. You only have to stick to your proper diet plan which you are sure has everything balanced. But if you just can not turn a deaf ear to all those advice, then here are 5 worst plans or tips that you might ever receive and the red alert is, ‘’NEVER’’ to follow those advice.

1. Following a full Fruit Diets

People think that fruits are low on calories. They might be, but they are rich in sugar. They do contain sugar and so do many vegetables. Eating fruit or two in a daily routine is okay, but totally depending upon a fruit diet is not beneficial or helpful with weight loss at all. Fruits are for sure rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They can help relieve constipation but a fruit diet cannot help you lose weight quickly and in a short amount of time.

You can take a small apple as a snack. But do not go for grapes and bananas which are rich in sugar.

2. Go for processed foods

Having “Sugar-Free” written on their packet. Are your craving soft drinks and biscuits? Have you been suggested wit going for a sugar-free drink or biscuit? This is the most misleading line ever. Studies and researches have concluded that these foods end up with making us crave even more for sugar as the blood sugar level declines. So yes, you end up consuming much more sugar than you would’ve on average and this does not sound like a mature idea does it?

The point is, if you crave a lot for consuming stuff like this, only go for sugar-free candies. These candies will help you get over the cravings and help you not consume an excess of sugar. Other than this, DON’T go for anything labeled as sugar-free.

3. Water diet or water Fasting

Well, the quickest way to lose weight, go on a water diet. Consume nothing or very less solid but go for watery and fluid things. DON’T. A simple NO. Don’t put your body under so much stress. It is the extreme form of diet. I mean, just imagine not eating anything but only surviving on water. Skipping upon the essential nutrients you need might end up with you developing deficiency diseases. Not only that, but you might also face a much slower metabolic rate. You will feel drained because of the low energy level so, not a good idea at all.

4. You can eat unhealthily and then Exercise

Been there, done that. Haven’t we? When we probably calculate the number of calories that we have consumed throughout the day, we deduct the ones lost through exercising. However, eating unhealthy not covered by exercise. To lose weight efficiently, you need to both, eat healthy and exercise side by side. Only exercising while maintaining an unhealthy routine, cannot help you to the least.

5. Skip Meals

We’re all guilty of doing this as well. Well, let me make it clear. Skipping meals makes you eat even more than you might have consumed by eating those meals. Moreover, just remember, you CAN NOT trick your body. Crash diets are the worst idea not only in terms of calories but also because you tend to miss your essential nutrients. The best way is to eat less and healthy.

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