Continental Food Comprises of fresh Herbs and Dairy Products

Whether you think of having the yummilious chilled cucumber soup with smoked salmon or the vegetarian delight, peanut and sweet potato soup, you are ought to have a rich taste of food. Additionally, it becomes essential for you to search the available options for Soups Online in the Continental food category. It is not that hard to find, thanks to the globalized world that even our taste buds have crossed the boundaries.

Mostly the continental food comprises of fresh herbs and dairy products, along with cheese, ham, salmons, tuna, etc. Basically the food ingredients comprise of what is locally available. Being inspired from the European land, the cuisine uses very less spices and minimum chilies. High in protein content, the omega fats too are provided with the sea food. The food, is usually low in fat and is made by roasting, grilling, baking or stewing. The vegetables and meat are allowed to cook in a low to medium flame, such that the flavors are extracted into the food.

The supper comprises of soup along with a light sandwich. The soups can be ordered online, and are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. Jalapenos, garlic, bell peppers, oil (coconut or olive), curd, tomatoes, potatoes, cloves, ginger, onions, etc are the main ingredients in most of the cuisines inspired from the continental land. The meat can be of varied types from salmon, to turkey to tuna. In a ideal dinner, which is to be kept light, s hot soup can be coupled with the Turkey Burger with zucchinis.

Continental Breakfast Foods

A classic example of continental soup can be corn and cauliflower soup, which is rich in taste and appears to be thick creamy winter starter. It comprises of onion, garlic, cauliflower, corn chopped cashew nuts paste, all cooked in olive oil in a low flame.Sugar & salt can be added along with black pepper in the last stage of cooking, as per the taste. A bread slice is also blended with the paste, in the blender. The taste and thickness depends on the cook and is subjective. Being an ideal starter for the vegetarian folks, it is an easy to cook, comfortable to serve and warm winter soup.

Baked foods with a variety of sauces, form the integral part of Continental Cuisine. Chicken and cheese salad, baked mushrooms with spinach or baked potatoes with cheese sauce, chicken steak, etc are must try options.

Among the non-vegetarians, an option could be cucumber and yogurt soup with lobster tail. This is high in protein and low in fat. Additionally it has the richness of cucumber, butter, greek yogurt and a tinge of red chilli peppers along with the taste of lobster tails, which are coarsely chopped to bring the flavor.

Online Continental Offerings great variety to cater the taste buds of food lovers. The smoked delicacies add to the aroma along with the raw taste. The spices used are minimalistic, so that the original taste of the lamb, pork, turkey, chicken or salmon can be preserved. Additionally the locally available vegetables are added to add to the taste.