5 Fun Things to Do in Dubai to enjoy this Weekend

Dubai is a perfect place to enjoy the weekend. It’s got everything from night clubs to shopping malls to amazing safari tours. It’s a great place to enjoy a holiday, with a family or something else. Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful city in UAE, Dubai is a unique city and a major metropolis of the Middle East. Dubai is an oasis of peace in an area notorious for anarchy and strife. This is important because the tourist is safe here and, above all, Dubai is a cosmopolitan place and the Indians make up nearly 30 percent of the population. Are you planning to visit Dubai? If so, explore below to know Fun Things to Do in Dubai.

Dubai is a modern city, and the trappings of the restrictive code seen in other Muslim countries are not discernible. The rulers are pragmatic, and Dubai as a whole is a world of entertainment that cannot be rivaled. Dubai is a tourist paradise, and whether you’re a rich man or a budget traveler, Dubai has something for everyone. We have sorted some of the places that Dubai is famous for.

Fun things to Do in Dubai

1. Desert Safari

Desert safari is a Dubai signature outdoor adventure trip, that costs approximately $50 per capita. It takes a whole day and comprises a drive in the desert and then a tour of a Bedouin village. It’s fun because you can see both local crafts and a camel ride. You can hire and belt in a sand scooter to hire the modern type of meal, and you end up with a barbecue dinner followed by Arabian tea.

2. Boat Ride

Ride a boat in the river. These are always programmed at night. In the Arabian Sea, you are collected by boat. There is a great barbecue spread with whisky and beverages on payment, and shimmering lights in the city. There may be some people who also have a belly dance.

3. Shopping

Everybody wants to buy and shop stuff, especially if it’s cheaper than home. Dubai is a paradise for shoppers as there are no taxes levied and as such goods are much cheaper than those available in other countries. The whole of Dubai is a duty-free zone. Dubai offers about 25 shopping malls and more traditional open-air markets. Some of the shopping malls are among the largest in the world, and your legs are getting tired, just walking through them. Topping this up are incredible discounts and some bargaining, of course. It’s a place to shop in one word.

4. Burj Khalifa

This is Dubai’s bit of opposition. The Burj is the world’s highest fortress. The 46th floor can be reached. In the evening Dubai shimmers brilliantly. There are fantastic restaurants. The hotel is also a magnificent hotel, the Burj al Arab; but, I doubt it would suit your budget if you’re on a budget.

5. Parks and Parks on Beaches

This will surprise you that in the wilderness there are certain things. Yeah, the Wonder Garden, the beaches are and can be visited ( swimwear or simple Bikini is no bar). There are beautiful roads and good seaside. The zoo and several locations in Dubai are just time apart.

Final Words

There are plenty of more entertainment centers in Dubai. You can book these Dubai tours with Dubai Adventures, The Indian and the Russian foods prepared in various restaurants. It’s all great fun, it’s not shocking it’s called East Dorado. It’s the world’s busiest one after the JFK airport, and so I say to visit Dubai and be part of this sea of humanity.

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