5 Strong reasons to Start using Video Marketing for your Brand in 2021

According to data, 63% of all brands on digital use video as a form of content marketing for their brands. If you convert this percentage into numbers you would be looking at millions of brands in the world.

Brands are not foolish to keep creating videos just out of the blue. In the last few years, videos have taken the world by storm and video marketing is the next big thing in digital promotions. If you are someone who wants to know more about video marketing, please keep paying attention to this article.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 strong reasons to start using video marketing in 2021. However, before we do, let us first discuss what video marketing is.

Video Marketing in 2021 – What you need to know?

In very simple words, Video Marketing can be defined as a marketing activity, which is pursued by brands using videos. The aim and intention of using a video marketing strategy is.

  • To increase engagement with your target audiences
  • Increase the ROIs from your digital channels and platforms
  • Informing and educating your audiences
  • Promoting your products and services
  • Building a Brand and improving Credibility

It is not as though videos as a marketing medium did not exist earlier. However, it is important to note that the real change came about with the rise of digital platforms like social media. Even though YouTube is credited with leading the change, almost all social media platforms see a lot of traction from videos as a marketing medium.

List of 5 Strong Reasons to start using Video Marketing for your Brand in 2021

1. It leads to better Conversions from Sales Campaigns

One of the major reasons why video marketing is catching on is because of better sales conversions. For example, data points out that Landing Pages, which have videos on them is likely to lead to a 3x increase in form fill-ups than the ones, which use static imagery and text. This is true when you are running lead generation campaigns and want maximum performance.

2. Helps in getting the highest ROIs

No matter what your KPIs are- followers, engagement, form filling, etc. video marketing delivers the best ROIs. This is true if you compare video marketing with any other form of content marketing strategy in the world. Even if your video quality is not first-grade, it will still outperform any other content marketing strategy there is out there.

3. Search Engines love Video Marketing

You might have heard how Google has started promoting YouTube videos on top as search results. When it comes to comparing the different kinds of content and the importance of being attached to each one, videos outperform everything. The longer someone sees your video content, the better is your trust as a brand in the eyes of Google.

4. Videos are very favorable to Mobile Users

We all know how Google has introduced a Mobile-First Indexing Policy. What most of you don’t know is that videos are very suited to mobile viewers. With smartphone figures and internet penetration rising in the millions, video marketing is just about getting started. People love to view videos on their mobile devices, which opens up the possibilities endlessly.

5. Boring Audiences can be attracted by Video

Many studies have shown that even the laziest of internet users love seeing videos. This opens up the market of target audiences in a major way. It also ensures that brands who carry out video marketing are able to explain their products and services to a wide cross-section of the population. This is one reason why video marketing is pursued by most brands.

The Final Word

Some of the best brands in the world employ the services of a video production Tampa. Any investment made in the areas of videos is always found to deliver the best ROIs. Can you think of some other reasons to start using video marketing for your brand in 2021? Let us know below.