Preliminary Steps to determine Name of your Newborn with Numerology

What do you know about numerology? It’s the study of numbers. Those who study this field are called numerologists. They believe that there’s strong relation between numbers and anything in the universe. The value of number in a name plays imperative role in one’s relationships and destiny, even in a child. Each number has unique character and particular traits. Numerologists suggest that you can give luck to your child buy choosing a name that represents the positive traits associated with the number value of the name. If you are looking for a name for your child, you can consult to an expert numerologist before making a decision or else refer our numerology birth chart to determine Name of your Newborn.

The Preliminary Steps to determine Name of Newborn

There are some preliminary steps to determine baby name with numerology. It will help you to choose your kid’s name. First things first, determine the first letter of the child’s name. The first letter of the name gives a huge impact on a person’s life. You can read an article about the meanings of the letter in any available resources online to pick the best letter for your child’s name. Make a good list of letters that are suitable for your child’s first letter name. Second, you must determine the 1st vowel of the child’s name. If the first letter is a consonant, then pick the vowel that suits the name. The first vowel of the name plays important role as well.

Third, try to make a list of any possible names for your child. There will be many options that you can choose. The list can be expanded to fulfill your desire. When it comes to select the name for your child, you can use free numerology reading form sites. Get a reading for any possible names for the child. Importantly, you can use these sites for free. Include the full name of your child to get the numerology reading. You can either use the results or decline them. However, some parents love to calculate their child’s numerological value by their own.

Numerology Birth Chart to determine Name of your Newborn


In order to calculate it, each letter in the name should be converted to its number using a particular table above. You can add them together later. The resulting number must be reduced to a single digit by adjoin the digits together. The final digit number is considered as the name’s numerological value. For example, if the total numbers of the name is 34, the numerological value will be 7. There are special numbers such as 11 and 22. They aren’t reduced because they are considered having unique and distinct energies. Let’s take an experiment to calculate the numerological value of the name MARY JANE. First, find out the number of the letters.

M = 4, A = 1, R = 9, Y = 7
J = 1, A = 1, N = 5, E = 5

The numerological value of MARY JANE is 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 33. This number will be reduced further by adding 3 and 3 to form 6. In the end, the number value of the name MARY JANE is 6. Each number represents different traits and character. When you choose a name for a baby, you should look at the traits associated with the numerological value to help you determine Name of your Newborn. Mary Jane has the number value of 6. It represents balance, nurturing, responsibility and sympathy.

Numerology Traits Associated with 0 to 5

Number 1 = it’s associated with independence and leadership. People with this number value perform inner strength and have much potential for life accomplishments such as financial success and many others. These people are useful for their leadership capabilities to lead and influence others.

Number 2 = the number value represents highly adaptable and co-operative traits. These people are good with working, mediating, and teamwork for the sake of others. People with the name value of 2 tend to be helpful, kind, and friendly.

Number 3 = characteristics associated with the number 3 include advanced articulation and social skills. People with this number value are supposed to be successful writers or orators. They have good imagination and they will enjoy their life to the fullest.

Number 4 = this numerological value represents sincerity, practicality, and order. Number 4 people are hard workers, disciplined, honest, serious, and persistent to achieve their goal. These people can bring an order to any chaotic situation.

Number 5 = represents enthusiasm, versatility, and brilliance. These people are supposed to be adventurous and free. They love challenges and get bored easily with routine. They require new activities to keep their mind occupied and active.

Numerology Traits Associated with 6 to 10

Number 6 = is associated with civic sense, nurturing, balance, as well as responsibility, as the name we calculated above (Mary Jane). They are people who have high responsibility on family. They also want to deal with others’ troubles.

Number 7 = people are those who have inquisitive and analytical traits. They are thirst for researches. Most of them are scientists and academicians. They have a good sense of independence and tend to do anything their own way. They are self-reliant and reserved.

Number 8 = those who have number 8 value tend to be practical and ambitious. They are able to execute any plans. Most of them are achievers and aim for the best in anything. They are also hard workers.

Number 9 = number 9 people are selfless and humane. They have idealism, tolerance, compassion, as well as sensitivity. These people are often unselfishly to other people.

Number 11 = people with this unique number are inspiring to others. They are visionaries and dreamers. They are able to achieve the top position of anything.

Number 22 = this is another special number that represents charisma and master building. People with this number are able to achieve higher achievements in life. They can solve any problems in life as well as conquering anyone’s attention.