Best Practices for gaining Instagram Video views for Free

Instagram has an ever increasing growth in popularity with over 400 million monthly active users who are watching 60% more videos than they were just six months ago. Brands are realizing the engagement potential of Instagram video and there is no better time to start building views, likes, comments and followers in order to harness its full marketing power.

There are several ways to make money online, one of the most popular being Instagram video marketing. But how do you go about getting views on Instagram? This article covers every aspect of the topic including what you need to know before jumping into IG video marketing and how to work at building views for your videos. You can also buy instant instagram views through market.

By the end of this article, you will have learned:

  • What is a good number of Instagram video views?
  • The benefits of buying IG video views.
  • Realistic expectations when it comes to gaining free Instagram video views.

1. What is a good number of Instagram Video views?

There are no set rules on what a good number of Instagram video views is and there are several factors to help you figure this out:

Your Target Audience

The more people in your target audience, the higher number of views you will need to make an impact. If your target market is teenagers, then having 1 million views on a video may be great while it would not have much effect for business professionals.

The Niche you are in

If you are in a niche that is not as interested in visual media, then having 10,000 views will be seen as great. If your niche is very visually driven, then 100,000 or more views may be low for your video.

How Visible are you?

Are you targeting an international audience or just your local area? If you are only targeting your home country, having 10,000 views may be seen as great. When targeting an international market, 100,000 or more views may be needed to make an impact.

2. Benefits of buying Instagram Video views

As with all marketing tools, buying views can have its benefits when done correctly.

Better Social Credibility

When you buy views, you show people that your content is worth watching and can help increase your social credibility when used along with other marketing tools.

Boost Engagement of Viewers

Buying views for a video acts as a catalyst to get viewers to engage with your content more because they want to know why it has so many views. This is part of the reason that influencers buy followers and likes as well since they see it as a way to receive more engagement without needing to work at it.

Organic Growth

When you buy views, most of them will be organic which is great for various reasons such as spreading awareness of your brand and getting more natural engagement.

3. Best Practices for gaining Instagram Video views Free

There are plenty of ways to gain free views on Instagram but they take time which is why most people that buy social media likes, want likes or comments do it in order to get the ball rolling faster than using only free methods. The more views you buy, the faster your video will grow in organic views.

Post Consistently

The more often you post content, the better chance you have at getting discovered and gaining more exposure. When posting on Instagram , try to schedule several posts ahead of time if possible or use a tool like Iconosquare that allows you to upload all of your posts at once and schedule them.

Use Hashtags

Using several different hashtags on Instagram will help you get discovered more often than not and is a great way to get free views on Instagram. You can use Iconosquare or other tools that offer hashtag suggestions for this purpose.

Engage with Followers

When your followers like and engage with your posts, this shows Instagram that your content is worth watching which will prompt them to show it more often on the Explore Page.

Interact with Hashtags

When you search for specific hashtags related to the niche you are targeting on Instagram , make sure to leave relevant comments as this will help you gain more exposure.

Comment on Other Photos

If there are brands or influencers in your niche that have a lot of followers, make sure to leave relevant comments for them as this will help get you discovered and may lead to them checking out your profile and potentially liking one of your posts which can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Like Photos and Videos

As was mentioned above, liking the photos and videos of others will help get your profile seen more often which will lead to more views over time.

Use Instagram Analytics

Using Instagram analytics can show you what hashtags are working best for you so you know which ones to target on a regular basis. You can also use this tool to learn how other people are getting discovered the most so you know what methods to stay away from and what methods may be working for you too.

Post During Peak Hours

There are certain times during the day when more people are on Instagram than others so it is best to take advantage of this and post during those times as this will give you a better chance at getting more views and engagement.

Use Repost App

Using the Repost app for Instagram is a great way to gain free exposure and gain more followers as all you have to do is search for other posts that are related to your niche and then repost them on your own account.

Use Instagram Stories

Since videos don’t always have to be posted directly through your feed, using Instagram stories is a great way to gain video views over time that you can then turn into regular posts and monetize further. While this method does take more effort than simply posting a video on your timeline, it still works quite well.

Engage with other Accounts

If you want to gain views on Instagram, it is essential that you engage with other accounts so they can see how valuable your content is and why they should follow you too.