How to Sell with Instagram Reels using motivational Video Clips?

There are many online businesses who use social media to promote their products. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Notably, Instagram is the preferred visual marketing channel by online brands. Instagram currently has over one billion monthly users. The content can be posted in the form of Stories, Carousel, Videos, Photos and Reels. The platform has evolved with Instagram Reels in response to the rise of TikTok.

Social media marketers have a new way to use this feature. Before we can learn how to use Reels for product promotion, let’s first understand what makes it different from other Instagram content and why it is essential to be part of your social media marketing strategy.

What are Instagram Reels, and How do they work?

Instagram Reels allows you to showcase short-form video content. It can be between 15 seconds and 90 seconds long, and these short videos can be recorded and shared within the app. You can also upload Reels videos directly from your camera roll to your Instagram account.

These are intended to be quick and fun ways to share original content with other Instagram users (which now exceeds one billion). Reels can be accessed via the Explore page or the dedicated Reels icon at the bottom of the app home screen. The Reels will allow you to transition between videos as you scroll seamlessly.

You can overlay text, stickers, and AR effects on reels. Reels also allow you to add original audio or Instagram music to your videos.

Do you want to convert more Instagram users into customers? You might consider combining Reels with Stories to convert and attract more followers on Instagram.

This article will show you how to make Instagram Reels more profitable.

Why sell with Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels quickly are the most popular content on Instagram. It is best to make use of this opportunity to promote your business. Your business will also benefit from successful reels appearing on the explore page. You can create reels that target customers and cover a range of topics.

You could make educational videos showing how your products work or their benefits. These behind-the-scenes reels are very popular with viewers and help build brand trust.

1. Turn Instagram Viewers into Followers by using Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels

Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels may look very similar at first glance. Both are short content and can be animated or recorded as videos, and you can also include stickers and text. What is the essential difference between them? Exposure.

You can find Instagram reels through hashtags and the Explore feed. Instagram Stories are usually only visible to your network, and you can’t explore and discover stories much with Instagram reels.

Instagram Reels will help you grow your following. Relevant content and hashtags are vital to getting in front of your followers. Once your reels have attracted them, Instagram Stories is the perfect place to nurture your followers.

Your Instagram reels must create curiosity and drive people to your profile to get them to work together. Your caption can include a call-to-action (CTA), encouraging people to watch your story to see more or a more extended version of your Reel.

You can keep your Instagram story top-of-mind by following people and posting frequently. You can post more regularly on a given day.

2. Collaboration with influencers

Partnering with Instagram influencers is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.
These influencers can have thousands, if not millions, of followers. If you can get them involved in your brand’s promotion or collaboration, they are more likely to try your products.

Always discuss your social-media style guide before you start working with influencers. You can ensure their content is consistent with your brand and messaging while allowing them to express themselves. They have a better understanding of their audience than anyone else.

3. Get user-generated Contents

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to generate new content ideas and build brand loyalty.

Why is UGC so successful? UGC appeals, just like influencer marketing. It lets your customers hear directly from those who have used your products. The study shows that UGC is highly effective despite the different statistics. Users perceive the content of their peers as more truthful and less biased.

What kind of content can you make for Instagram reels?

These are just a few examples of the content you could create.

  • Your audience should know more about you.
  • Your brand’s story and values should be shared.
  • Make educational content that people will find helpful.
  • Get testimonials from satisfied customers to share.
  • Post Motivational Content.
  • Your business’s Behind the Scene: Film your workspace, show how your products are designed, and introduce yourself or your team.
  • You can tweak viral trends to suit your niche.
  • TikTok videos can be reused if you have already created content on TikTok. It’s best not to publish content with logos from other companies as these might not be supported in Instagram’s algorithm.

The possibilities for creativity are endless no matter what your company or brand is. Don’t delay checking out Instagram Reels! Don’t be afraid of sharing your Reel wherever you can. Your chances of finding perfect customer are more significant if more people see it.

How to make your Reels?

At first, it may appear complicated, but it isn’t. You can learn how to put together clips and create magic with your Reels by taking a short tour and testing.

These are some editing tools and elements that can be used to create a reel:

Clips – You can stop recording a reel and adjust your frame before you start recording again. You can locate all clips that you have registered, and you can remove them or arrange them to create your final video. Creating multi-clip videos that are engaging and fun in just minutes is easy.

Audio – You can add separate audio to your reels, such as a voiceover or a track from a well-known artist. You can choose from a pre-recorded voiceover or a music library and add it to your video.

Speed – You can speed up or down audio or video parts to create your desired mood. This is whether you need a slow-mo to capture emotions, focus on your product, or have your video follow a particular beat. You can increase or decrease the original video speed.

Effects – You can choose from various Instagram filters and AR effects that will transform your video.

Timer and countdown – You can add a timer to set the start and stop times for the app. You can place your phone on a tripod or stand to record hands-free.

Align – If you focus on one thing, you can use the align tool to align an object within a frame.


Both big and small brands are using Reels to enhance their video marketing strategies. Reels enable brands to work with influencers to create entertaining and engaging content while still speaking to the needs and interests of their audience. Now is the perfect time to create a marketing strategy for Instagram Reels.