Reasons to Stop blaming your Friends if your Loved One is Hanging out with

It’s easy to blame others even if you yourself made some mistakes on something. We all have friends and we all blame each other as we all used to it. However, most of us get serious when our loving friends hang out with the person whom we love. That’s true! We always blame our friends for the break-up and messy things between you both. Today, we will discuss some reasons to stop blaming friends for addiction.

When we blame someone, it lets you prove true amongst the other people. However, blaming others will never help us in anyway. We have to accept the fact and move on to live our lives. People should stop blaming their friends every time they make mistakes. You all live together and that’s how you all have to spend good days together.

1. It makes you negative

When we blame someone, it directly goes to the negative zone. People around you will start judging on your nature. You will become a negative person in front of them, and they will never come around you. By blaming someone, you will make yourself separate from others.
If you are a positive person, then you should not become negative in front of other people. When you are positive from the core, you will always stay ahead of others. You will start losing your positive side when you blame someone for no reason.

2. It Keeps you Stuck

When we blame someone else, we immediately fall back to that incident which keeps us all stuck. We create a new boundary of thoughts where we do not think about something else. By creating a boundary, we make ourselves stuck within that boundary which is not appropriate. It keeps you all stuck, and you will never go forward with your life.

3. It gives your power to someone

Blaming others make other person more powerful indirectly. We give all the power to next person who can disgust us anytime they want. They can do whatever they want to do as you are the one who blame him. In response to your blame, the next person can also blame on you about something else, and the chain will be continued.
Power is all we need every time and by blaming someone on a particular situation, it automatically reduces our positive side. You are not blaming that person, ultimately, you are giving the real power to buckle up the situation.

4. It makes us Small

When we blame, we automatically become small. If we talk about our friends with whom we have spent most of our time, we should not blame them on something which is still unclear. To keep things going smoothly, you need to trust on your real friends. When you are blaming, you are showing off your true personality which is not acceptable by anyone. You are making yourself small in front of others which is not good for you.

When something wrong happens, we should check the facts first before blaming about it on someone else. When we know the perspective behind that particular situation, we can easily find out the victim. Instead of blaming someone directly, we should think about its perspective first. That’s how we can deal with the situation, and live a healthy and happy lifestyle with our friends.

5. It makes you the victim ultimately

When you blame someone else for your sufferings, it makes you the real victim of that situation. It shows the weakness in you and people will start judging on you about your personality. People think you do not have courage to handle the situation.

Most people don’t want to accept their faults and blame someone. Ultimately, you are the victim who acts on that matter and people will directly judge you without a second thought. To keep yourself safe, you should not discuss anything. Focus on the situation and how you can handle it, you will find a way to keep yourself safe.

You will not be able to live a life the way you want when you are stuck with something, and have a negative personality.