Single Swipe to Screen Recording Coolest things you Can do with iOS

Apple just released the new iOS, and according to the hype, Apple has introduce some of the best features that we did not see until today on any of the version. A few include the screen shooting option to the built-in iMessage payment. The subsequent content will provide you information related to the coolest things that Mac users could do with the new release from Apple.

1. Control with Single Swipe

The biggest change is the control center. You can draw it from the bottom and even customize the same according to the requirement. Add everything that you need to the panel and control with a single swipe.

2. Screen Recording

Well, screen recording is becoming the norm and helping people to share what they do with their devices with their friends or colleagues. The handy little feature is the best thing that you can have on the device. Also, Apple has really paid attention the specs this time and made the device more comfortable and smooth for the music making apps and high-usage apps like garageband and logic pro. Also, you can get garageband for windows now, so though you should always buy an Apple device, but for now if affording seems a difficult task, you can use it for windows, music creators.

3. Allow your friends to pay through messages

Yes, you read that right! You can now ask your friends to make payment through iMessages and who does not own the Venmo application. Apple Pay and Siri work in tandem. Siri will ask your friend to pay the amount that he/she owes.

4. Connect everyone to your network

If you and other friends are running on the same version of iOS, which is 11, then you can quickly hook them to the Wi-Fi network that you use. All you need is bringing other devices close to yours. You will see a message pop up and you just need to accept to allow them to connect to your network!

5. GIFs

Live Photos received a significant update – GIFs. Apart from it, Apple added a plethora of effects, which a user can apply right from the Photos app. All the features included are incredible.

6. Picking single still from Live Photo Burst

Well, we are not professionals, and we are at worst when it comes to photo burst. But, with the recent update, you gain the chance to pick the best frame from the live photo burst and make it as the cover image.

7. Avoid saving unwanted screenshots

The advanced options provided will enable users to stop saving unwanted screenshots. With the options, one can edit and send a screenshot using social media platforms or iMessage without the need to save the image.

8. Notes

Notes receives the much-needed updates. Users can add tables, to-do list, and pictures. Users can create a note from the Photos app too!

9. Texting with one hand

The update contains the presence of a keyboard that allows the user to use a single hand to type and send text messages.

10. Bye-bye to notification center

You can now respond to notifications by swiping from the bottom with the phone in the locked condition. It’s simple when compared to predecessors.

11. Find space for photos

You can now select auto delete old conversations in the settings to remove unwanted content and free space to store more pictures!