Communication to Presentation Qualities required for Corporate Trainer

On the run way of time Generation comes after Generation. To trend new Generation old Generation need to share their experiences. This is the cause training is a key factor for every Business process. Global Corporates are investing huge dollars for their employees training. World is getting update everyday. To move with those updates world always honors good Corporate Trainer. Qualities helps to establish identity. You may noticed in a Corporate there are many trainers but few of them are in the voice of trainees. Are you one among them who is interested to become a good Corporate Trainer? If so, go through the below paragraphs.

Prepare a well Presentation

In many case it is observed Human memory is a volatile memory. You know everything but during you present a topic there can be a chance of disturbance which may cause loss in sequencing. Keep remember while you are executing a training session sequencing is a key to success. By missing sequence you can’t present the topic well. That’s why I want to advice you Prepare a well Presentation before into your training session. During you travel with your training session & trainees keep exchange the slides one by one. Here I am not saying that you will speak only those words what are in the slides. You are free to explain your slides well in your language. Just make a note you are covering all those points which are in presentation.

Improve your Communication Skills

As a trainer you must aware of the value of Communication. To make you recall the chapter of Communication here I am presenting two keywords “Sender” & “Receiver”. By defaults it’s a thinking while we speak about “Communication Skill” many one of us focus on the language they Communicate during their speech. But Communication skill is the medium where it is enough if your receiver will understood you & vice-versa. That’s why always prefer to use simple & short statements during your communication.

Depth of Knowledge

Make sure in which topic you are going to present your training session in that topic you must have depth of knowledge. It can happen on the time you are presenting the topic your trainees can ask you any questions. As a good trainer you have to resolve their queries. Sometime it can happen your trainees will ask you a question from the out of scope. In this case try to handle the situation tactically. Avoid to say Sorry.

Be professional look Professional

To identify a professional it is enough to view him/her once. Your costume is the primary object which will fetch the eyes of your trainees. Be ready with your costume before the date of training. You must observed professional look & feel creates it’s own environment. Be professional do professional.

Be Responsible and Result Oriented

Keep remember training is a core responsibility. After your training session trainees need to work on those skills. So during training don’t feel that it is your only duty to complete the training. At the same end keep focus to whom you are training, is he/she gained knowledge from your training session? Finally a training program is not fruitful yet the trainees gain knowledge from that training.

During training Ask Questions

Concentration varies from person to person. During your training it may while few trainees will hear you others can thinking something else. To keep those others to hear you Ask Questions in between. In this way fluctuated trainees will focus on your training more. Completion of each phase of your training ask your trainees “Is there any Query for me?”. If you found some body is responding you clear his/her query first. Then move to next phase.

Stay ready with Examples

As a trainer during slides preparation think once which slide required examples. In many case it is observed with limited time it is difficult to clear a critical topic. In this case example helps a great. So prepare examples related to your topics before going to present a training session.

Give assignment at the end of your training

Let you teach your trainees about “AngularJS”. How can you know is your trainees gain knowledge from your session? To judge this you can provide small assignments at the end of your training. So that trainees will start thinking on the subject you trend them. This activity helps to make your training more result oriented.

Review Feedback

At the end of your training collect feedback from trainees. If you found any area they suggested to improve focus on that. Feedback is the shortest path to know your faults. Fix them for your next turn.