Key Leadership Qualities to be an effective Leader

Though it is said that leaders are born, yet leadership traits can also be earned by motivated efforts. Every leader possesses certain qualities to lead a team or the organization. There are certain Leadership Qualities that define the concept of a good leader. Competitiveness, communication skills, ability of strategy making are some of the qualities to mention a few. Along with these skills, some requisite good natures like honesty, empathy, sense of humor can also be counted. Let us discuss in brief about effective Leadership Qualities.

A leader is a self-organized and motivated person who knows well how to get work done by his teammates. He should be impartial and respectful of others view. If you want to be a good leader then following points may help you to come out successful.


As a leader, you should be fluent and able to communicate clearly. Your team mates should understand your speech. A good listener only can earn dexterity over the verbal skills. Here communication skill not only refers to the act of delivering lectures, but also includes talks with employees at the grass root and taking their feedback.

Problem Solving

An individual aspiring to become a leader should be competent enough to solve any problem that the particular project faces. He should be a skilled resource, who can trouble shoot any problem that the team encounters.

Decision Making

Decision making is another quality that many of expert individuals lack. Many professionals can work for long hours and do the needful, but while it comes to decision making they step back. However, you need to earn that quality of making decision in tough times to bring a positive result for the organization. Decision making comes through self-confidence, courage and ability to take risk.

Strategic Thinking

You should be organized enough to plan the things beforehand with proper time management. While making strategy, you must be able to gauge the capacity of your team mates and allocate task accordingly.


To be an exemplary leader you need to have the mastery over the motivational skill. You need to be the source of motivation for your team mates and keep all your juniors motivated to do things with quality to meet the deadlines.

Broad Minded

Broad-minded is another necessary quality that is required to be a good leader. A leader always remains open to ideas and suggestions, even when they come from their juniors. You should overcome all the negative thoughts and ego to be respected as a revered leader.


Dedication and work commitment come first when you intend to be a leader. As an efficient leader, you should remain ready to perform better in your professional life and that too achieving the targets within the stipulated time.


Being respectful of the team member is another quality of a leader. A polite leader allows every teammate to share their ideas and never dominates. He understands the notion of working together instead of allocating work and waiting for the result.


An effective leader empowers workers to understand the objectives. He makes the action plan and provide training if necessary to each employee to accomplish a certain task.


To harness the good leadership skill you should treat your teammates equally. A leader should be consistent in imparting rewards and recognition along with taking disciplinary action. He ensures all team members receive the same treatment.


Discipline and sincerity are two required qualities that contribute to become a leader. Laid back attitude is entirely avoidable. To be an efficient leader, you need to be well disciplined in your personal as well as professional lives achieving success.

Positive Mind

Positive mind helps you to see the silver linings in the dark clouds. You should tame “never to give in” attitude and be persistent towards your effort. You should be able to see the sunnier aspects amidst all adversity. If you can think positive then only positive results come out. With a positive mind, you can keep your employee motivated towards their goal and train them face hurdles and perform better.

Sense of Humor

Though it is not considered as an essential leadership quality, yet it comes as an added benefit along with other mentioned skills. Sense of humor is necessary to uplift the mood of your workers, and it works best to relieve stress to counter any hostility.

So after reading aforementioned Leadership Qualities you must get a glimpse of the qualities required to be a leader. In addition to all those mentioned qualities, you should be ready and determined to go an extra mile in meeting work deadlines. So harness the qualities mentioned above and be the most competent leader of your company.