How to Get My Dream Job using the Professional Network LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was originally launched in 2002 and now has transformed into a social network for the business professional. When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is a respectable platform which is great for the network, connect, and also prove your credentials. The website has more than 433 million of members worldwide in 2016 and the numbers are growing steadily over years.

Different from other social media, LinkedIn is the platforms for users who have the same purpose to positively build the professional connections. It is the place where people get their dream job or better position through the platforms. If you are looking for a professional move using LinkedIn, here are some practical tips to use the platforms for a professional network.

It is more than paper CV

The word responsible, strategic, and effective scores the most used words in the LinkedIn annual list on members’ profile. LinkedIn profile serves more than just a paper CV, therefore, make sure to get creative and avoid using common words. To bring you profile to another level, you can maximize the use of LinkedIn extra features. You can add your previous presentations or videos into the LinkedIn profile to show your credentials. The platform also allows you to customize the profile layout to suit your personality and skills.

Visibility matter

Recruiters mostly use straightforward and clear keywords to find the right individuals who seek for the right jobs in the right industries. Therefore, it is important to make your profile visible and they can easily find you. Make sure to write the right title (the space under your name) on the profile. The title should be descriptive which also highlights the strong skill and functions as your profile summary. You also need to consider what recruiters are mostly searching and see this opportunity to fit into your profile title. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity right from the start to show the world what you want and who you are. Using the right description and keywords, you are given the opportunity to increase the visibility.

Customize your profile

You will definitely not leave the house without the suit and tie before leaving the house for an interview. The same thing applies to the LinkedIn profile; complete the profile when you are seriously looking for a job. The very first thing is your photo. Make sure to use formal and professional photos which are not the same as the one you use for Snapchat or Facebook. The photos should be recent and not more than five years old. You can pay a professional photographer to get the formal picture for the profile.

To describe your skill achievement, you can use bullet points to get it more customized. The bullet points should be sweet and short. You can also describe your profile in other writing methods such as prose or your own style, but make sure to keep it sweet and simple. The profile title also should reflect the job you are looking for instead of the job you currently own.

Choose the right skills

The skill description should be as specific as possible. It should be the skill that you are really good at. With specific skills, your connection can endorse your skill to their connections as well and also previous employers who have worked with you can give recommendations. This proves to the broader wider that you are trustworthy. Fail to show the skill on the profile means a major fail in showing up in the search when professional members looking for a professional worker just like you.

Explore your dream companies

Pursuing the dream job and start the path from scratch is indeed a tough work to do, especially if you are new in the field ad need to learn a lot. However, LinkedIn is the business information hub for you to gain the advantage. There are more than three million of companies on LinkedIn. Follow the companies that suit your skills and preferences to do the business with. Follow the companies will give you the opportunities to get updates when people join or leave the company. You will also get a notification when the company posts job vacancy. Also, the company pages in LinkedIn allow you to see if any of your contacts have relation with anyone who currently works at those companies. Knowing these people serves as a helpful information source to get to know more about your dream company.

Show your expertise in the field

The best function of LinkedIn besides as a business hub is that it serves as an inclusion to a personal blog for your profile. People may ignore this feature, but it is definitely very useful especially when looking for your dream job. Posting regular posts related to the current events or issue in the industry shows that you have a strong commitment as well as expertise on the field. Employers also consider this factor and see whether you fit their needs and culture of the company. Even though this strategy may limit the number of potential employers, but it helps you get the dream job. Well, you certainly do not want to regret dedicating your skill and intelligence for the wrong company.

Build professional network

Just in case you have not known; there is an unwritten rule that you will need at least 50 contacts to build a successful LinkedIn profile. The more contacts that you build will bring you to start showing up in the searches and sidebars. You can build connections with friends, family, peers, and colleagues can give you great benefits in creating the profile. Further, you can build a professional network with the professionals in the industry. It helps put your name and profile in the professional minds. You can also receive updates when people leave their current job and find another. Getting this knowledge helps you find the right time to place submission to your dream job.

Finding job everywhere including through LinkedIn requires the right strategy to score the dream job. Following the tips and adjust it with your skill and job requirements will help you get the dream job faster and easier than you think ever.