What are the positive Qualities of a good Employee?

What are the positive Qualities of a good Employee?

In this competitive world not only it is difficult to get a good job but also its more difficult to survive in your job. The relationship between employee & employer is based on your performance. Employer always expecting more from you. Here you have to keep balance between your job & life style. In this regard some days back I visited few global employers. From them I noted down few positive Qualities of a good Employee. Listing them in below for your reference.

Be Punctuality

In the world of career punctuality is a key. Always practice to maintain in & out time as per your Corporate policy. It gives very good impression. Showing up late for meetings is an offense to your Colleagues & Boss. Attained meetings in right time. In-case of some personal problem if you found you are delay to join office for the day. Keep informed you Boss & take a valid permission.

Don’t make false Commitments

Business & Commitment are the two sides of a single coin. Be genuine in your job. If you found unable to complete some assignments let your boss know the facts. What is the problem? Where is the problem? & How you stopped to achieve the Success? In work place don’t do false commitments. Keep remember your boss is also reporting to some higher authority or even directly to the Customer. Your commitments are valued. A false commitment can harmful to you, your boss or even to the Corporate too. Think ten times & judge your-self best before any commitment you do.


No matter whether you have any assignments or not but as per your Corporate policy you have to available in your office for the required number of hours. In-case you are leaving your desk more then 30 minutes keep informed your higher authority. If you planed to leave early for the day inform this at-least before 3 hours.

Be passionate about your work

Duty is the lord. On Duty don’t feel lazy. Take interest to complete your job. Accept challenges in your expertise area. In among your team members proof that you are an asset for your team. This quality helps for your job security. Share your thoughts so that others can benefit from your ideas. Be process oriented. Prepare action plan for future dates. If there is an opportunity to interact with the Customer, Go ahead.


At work place Communication is a essential skill. Keep communicate your difficulties. If any essential tool you think can help you in your job feel free to communicate. Share your ideas. If you have opportunities to speak on dice. Welcome this.

Planned & Unplanned Leaves

In a team all are depending upon others. So before you take a leave keep it in your planning calendar. If you planned for a long-term leave apply this before 15 days. In-case of a unplanned leave discuss with your reporting manager & drop a mail.

Ask Questions

From team meeting to training in-case you are unable to understood the things don’t stop your-self to ask questions. Don’t sit ideal in Working Hours.

Be Friendly

Be Friendly with you co-workers. Accept them in positive thinking. Don’t think negative about any Team members. Respect others automatically they will respect you. In work place help the team if required. Do lunch with the team. Don’t miss project parties.

Dress for the job

According to your Corporate Policy choose your Dresses. Always prefer to wear clean & gentle dresses. Avoid to wear Chapal in your work place. Practice to wear black or brown boot. Your dress coat helps to improve smartness & personality in Corporate level.