Why do you need Termite Inspection along with Home Inspection?

When buying a new home, it is crucial to go for a general home inspection. It is a critical step to take that ensures you are purchasing the right home or property. Look for a home inspector near me, and you will come across some companies offering exceptional home Inspection services.

Although you will get many benefits from a home inspection service, there are many other things that a professional home inspector won’t look at in the inspection process. One of those things is looking after the termite damage. It is an essential service, but people who don’t take termite inspection separately regret it afterward.

Here, we will discuss the need for a termite inspection when buying a new home.

What are Termites?

Termites are a wood-damaging insect that looks like an ant but are white. Though they are not harmful to humans, they can do tremendous damage to homes. Even termites can destroy the entire structure and foundation of the house.

It can even destroy many precious items in your home, including books, furniture, and boxes. Additionally, they built their colonies in no time and spread everywhere, causing a lot of nuisance. This is why you must look for a termite inspection near me before finalizing any home-buying deal.

Reasons you need a Termite Inspection

If you are still not convinced to take a termite inspection service, read these reasons, and you will start believing this service’s importance.

1. Termites are not visible to naked eyes

According to an estimate, termites are responsible for damaging over 600,000 houses a year in the USA. It is a thing to worry about, but something you should worry about more is that it is not easy to spot this pest.

When you can’t see this destroying organism with your naked eyes, you start believing or assuming that the place is free from pest invasion.

However, before jumping to a conclusion, take the assistance of licensed termite inspectors. They can tell you about the presence of termites in the first place. As termites can be present for up to five years before causing actual damage, only professional assistance can protect you.

2. Termite Inspection in Cheaper than Termite Control

If you try to save your money and not take a termite inspection service initially, you may be required to take termite damage or control service in the future.

Now, the cost of repairing the damage caused by termites is up to $3,000. Whereas, if you take termite inspection service before buying the home, you will only spend $50-$100. Therefore, going with termite inspection is obviously a wise deal.

What happens during a termite inspection?

After your search for termite inspection near me is over and you found a termite inspector, fix your appointment and take a date. He will come to the place of examination and take about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the house.

The inspector will deeply look at the exterior and interior of the home to see visible signs of termite inspection like broken wings, destroyed wood, droppings, etc.

Also, the inspector will assess all the parts of your home, including the basement and garage area. He will also look for the sign of infestation in the kitchen and bathroom, along with the windows and cabinets.

Furthermore, the inspector will check the exterior walls and foundation of your home for the sign of damage. Lastly, he will look after the surrounding property and the neighborhood area to ensure no sign of termite invasion.

What happens if the house has a termite infestation?

If the home has signs of termite infestation, it doesn’t mean you cannot buy the house. Ask the inspector about the intensity of damage and if something can be done to fix it. If the damage is minor, convince this seller to treat it at his own expense. Even you can use termite damage as a bargaining tool and negotiate the price of the home. However, in case of extensive damage where the seller is not ready to make repairs, it’s better to walk away.

Hire Home and Termite Inspectors to crack a profitable deal

When you are ready to buy a new home, it’s vital to consider looking for a termite inspector and a home inspector near me to ensure you don’t get involved in a bad deal. Take all the necessary steps that are included in the termite and home inspection process, and have pride in your home buying decision.