Tips to Create a Bed and Room you Love Sleeping In

The bedroom is the space where people spend the most part of their lives but yet when it comes to redecorating, it is the most neglected space. If it is the same with you then it is time to resurrect the situation as it is essential to create a sleep haven where you can rejuvenate and get refreshed after a day of hard work. When you are creating an ideal space for your bedroom there are many elements that should be added which include the mattress, pillows, bedding, window treatments, etc.

Mattress – It is the centrepiece of a bedroom and the most essential element that aids in a good night’s sleep every night. Though the right mattress is based on individual preferences there has to be a right mix of firmness and softness so that it offers good comfort and support. Spring mattresses which were once the choice of most people is bouncy and are not recommended when sleeping with a partner as it can lead to disturbances. A memory foam mattress is the most popular choice as it conforms to the body and also offers comfort, softness, and support. Moreover, many manufacturers like Wakefit make it not only affordable but also include special features in their design like breathability, temperature neutrality, hypoallergenic and much more. Do thorough research on mattresses in your price range as there are numerous options, brands, and models to choose from.

Pillows – The next most essential thing after a mattress is a pillow. It is also the most neglected one in the bedroom. A good supportive pillow is essential for the neck and the head to be aligned so that there are no aches and pains. A pillow should be chosen based on the sleeping type and also on the filling used in it. Back sleepers should look for a pillow that is of medium thickness as it does not push the head too far, side sleepers should opt for a firmer one to support the neck and stomach sleepers should look for a flat pillow as that promotes better spinal alignment.

Pillows come in various filling types but the most recommended is the memory foam as it conforms to the shape of the head and neck and is also long-lasting.

Bedding – Bedding which includes bedspreads, blankets, mattress protectors, etc. are all essential for a good night’s sleep. These should not only provide warmth or coolness depending on the purpose but it should also feel soft when you sleep. Also, ensure that they are long-lasting and breathable look for quality sheets that can be washed easily in a washing machine. Look for sheets with a thread count between 200 and 300.

Bed Frames – After the mattress and its accessories the next thing to consider is the bed frame and headboard that matches your needs. Headboards come in various types with an upholstered one for those who look to stay in bed with a book in hand or can opt for a simple headboard depending on the decor of your room and your preferences.

Lighting – The lighting in the room should be such that it provides a relaxing atmosphere so that you can fall asleep easily. It is best to avoid blue lights as that can interfere in your sleep. If you need a reading light, opt for table lamps or overhead fixtures so that you can read without any strain to the eye.

Window Treatments – One should choose window treatments based on sleeping preferences. If you prefer to blackout then look for shades or drape that completely block the light and if you prefer to have a faint moonlight streaming in, then use light-coloured curtains. Choose options that will enhance the decor of your bedroom.

Remove any hindrances that affect your sleep so that the mind links this room to sleep and nothing else.